Wednesday, March 18, 2009

System JO Clitoral Stimulation Gel

Orgasms are very important in a girl's life. They help get rid of my headaches, help me fall asleep, and even sometimes invigorates me before I go to the gym. Hell I've already had like 10 orgasms today. It's my day off and I masturbated a lot, what else is there to do. But sometimes for a lady and even myself if takes some time to reach that point of pleasure. Thankfully there are things are there to help with that.

Clitoral stimulation creams are fantastic. They are used to amp up your sexual sensitivity and can increase your orgasm and make them more intense. I have tried a few before and I can attest to the fact that they do work. This morning I decided to try out the stimulation cream from System JO. I had heard that it wasn't very good and didn't do much so I was skeptical to try it. But I had some samples and figured why not. Those people were wrong and it works quite nicely.

It comes in four kinds; regular, light, mild and wild. I of course don't mess around and used the wild. So whether or not the other ones work I cannot say right now but the wild does. However it wasn't as intense as others that I have tried like Orgazyme but it still got the job done. Right when I put it on my finger it warmed up and felt quite nice on the clit. You only need a very small amount, like the size of a drop of water. After a few minutes it was still warm yet got this cooling tingling sensation. Nothing too intense but a nice amount. And then away I went. I do have to say my orgasms were more intense and I reached that point faster then usual.

The JO cream is both PH balanced and hormone free. It can be used with condoms but should not be ingested or inserted into the vagina, it's just made for external fun. It also contains no L-Arginies which I just found out can increase the chance of a herpes outbreak in those who already have it. Great to use alone or with a man friend. On that note I'm going in for round 5 of clitoral stimulation today.

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