Monday, March 2, 2009

Sparkly Glass Toys Make Me Smile

I was very lucky with all the fantastic birthday presents I got this year. One of my favorites was my new glass piece from Phallix. Courtesy of my friend who surprised me with it at work and I couldn't stop jumping up and down I was so excited. I have had my eye on it since it came in but because of little funds had to hold off on it. 

The piece is called the Dichroic Caterpillar G-Spot Shaft and is absolutely beautiful. I want to leave it out on display it's so pretty. It measures in at 7 inches in length with girth that ranges from 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches. Just below the head it has a ribbed pattern that feels oh so nice. 

The design is multi-colored and includes some sparkling dichroic in between creating a spiral. Dichroic was originally made by NASA  for spacesuit visors. It's a glass containing multiple micro layers of metal oxides which gives the glass dichroic optical properties. 

It's really a gorgeous piece and hits all the right spots. Plus did I mention it's sparkly, how could I not love it. 

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Anonymous said...

hey! nice one! I partied with Rick "phallix" Plank in LA @ Dr. Dave's house! crazzzy MF! I got one of those dillys in a nice felt case ... but someone clipp'd me! :/

Anonymous said...

I have some ideas for this artistic piece of sexual perfection .. bring it on your trip

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