Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scotch Flavored Condoms

Ron Burgundy would be pleased with this find. I kid you not with this alcoholic flavor of condom on the market. They are being marketed under the name McCondom. I have no idea where you can get them but rumor is they are circulating in bars and pubs around Ireland and Scotland. Hopefully they make their way to the states so we all can share in this fun new flavor. I hope this doesn't instantly turn a penis into every girls nightmare of whiskey dick. They should start making other drink flavored condoms such as a shirley temple or margarita.  

But honestly who really uses flavored condoms these days? I know you should always be safe and use a condom even for giving head. But If I give head it's carefully planned and I'm not one who enjoys the taste of plastic in my mouth, I prefer the penis. If the situation is safe then I think that's ok. I would not be turned on if a guy whipped these out in all seriousness. 

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Adri Cowan said...

scotch, scotch, scotchy scotch scotch!