Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh Creepy Man

Last night was the night of creepy men at work. As my luck would have it they always decide to come in on the same night. This one particular man was very creepy and made my skin crawl. He was older probably around 60 and had a huge beer belly. He was wearing on of those bollo tie things and had a odd smile on his face. He also liked to try and stand too close to me and stare for long periods of time. Here is how our conversation went down.

Creepy Man: So is the club (don't remember the name he said) still across the street?
Me: No I'm sorry I don't know that place.

-He stares for about a minute looking me up and down.

Creepy Man: Used to be really popular back in the day, you don't know it?
Me: No sorry I don't, but you can check the magazines by the door because they have the bars in them.
Creepy Man: Well it's not a normal bar if you know what I mean (winks) more of a discussion group.

-I nervously and uncomfortably laugh and he stares at me again for a bit with a grin on his face.

Creepy Man: So how's business?
Me: It's good, staying busy.
Creepy Man: Are you here most nights?

-He steps closer and I step back

Me: Oh it all depends on when I work, it's always different.

- He continues to stare

Creepy Man: I'm going to see if I can find that club, what time are you open till?
Me: Midnight.
Creepy Man: You will probably see me later. (winks)

-He again stares at me for a bit and then decides to leave. Thankfully he did not come back later in the night. Why does this never happen with hot tattooed men?!?! Someone work on that.

Don't click read more, that's it for creepy man.

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Bill Turner said...

The creeps come to talk to you because nobody will talk to them. The hot, tatooed guys don't have that problem, thus your dilemma. Just stop bathing and they'll go away ;) (winking)