Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Iconic Rabbit

Since The Pleasure Chest loves me they are helping me with my sexual voyage of reviewing toys. When it came down to picking out my first one I had no idea what to get. But after careful thought and a talk with my vagina we decided to get the Iconic Rabbit from Jimmyjane. Part of the line of The Usual Suspects the Rabbit is the most famous of the bunch. Jimmyjane partnered with Vibratex to update the classic toy. Created in Japan about 25 years ago the Rabbit was the first to offer internal and external stimulation at the same time. To this day it continues to be one of the biggest sellers at work. Especially after being featured on shows such as "Sex and the City."

This toys comes with some amazing features. First off it comes with a one year warranty. And that won't be for if you don't like it, but maybe if you use it too much you short circuit it. It's made with a hygienic, phthalate-free, latex-free elastomer. Great for anyone with sensitive skin or if you're worried about bad material, this is great material. It is only made in white which gives it a classic look. The shaft spins and has pearls at the base of it. You can bend the shaft slightly to hit the g spot. The front clitoral piece is a strong little rabbit the packs quite a punch.

Don't be alarmed by the woman's face on the toy. Reason is in Japan where it was made there is a long standing taboo surrounding the depicting of genitalia. Therefore dating back to when they first made these faces and other details were sculpted in to soften visual impact and disguise their functional intent. Hence why so many toys have faces or animals on them these days.

Click read more to see what my vagina thinks of it.

Well my vagina thinks it's fabulous, but not at first. When I first started to use it I inserted it the standard way to play with it. Held it from the front and turned it all the way up, I don't play around I like it strong. In this position the clitoral piece was great, I understand now what they mean when they say those little ears are magical. Sometimes I did have to hold it down to hit the right spot. The internal piece was a new feeling with the spinning. It was a nice feeling but it wasn't anything to blow my mind. I decided to switch it up.

If you bend the shaft you can hit the g spot which for me is my explosive spot. The best way to hit mine is in doggy, so I flipped myself around and assumed the position and held the rabbit from behind so I could tilt it. And that's when the fireworks went off, holy shit. I think my neighbors might of heard me yell. That thing found my spot like a whore finds a penis, instantly. This toy is going to give my Gigi a run for it's money. However the Rabbit is a little noisy so it's not one I could use while my roommate is home unless I warned her I was using it. However I usually do announce when I'm going to masturbate because I have no shame. I even talked about it at brunch the other day to strangers.

I was reading the rules of the toys and it says to not use for more then 20 minutes. Which could be a problem for me because sometimes I get into it and can play around for quite some time. I'm thinking it's 20 minutes of continued use and if I turned it off to cool down for a bit I should be ok for marathon masturbating. That is how I spend my days off, or mornings, evenings pretty much all the time. Including now, excuse me. 


Brandon B. said...

haha that's great! I had no idea about the 20 minute rule though. Good to know.

Sex Toys- Discreet said...

The Pleasure Chest Adult sex toy store is an Amazing Store!

Those rabbit vibrators can become very addictive. I do agree that sometimes you want to play for more then 20 mins and have two amazing Orgasms with sex toys. Whats nice about the rabbit vibrator sex toys is that they can stimulate my clitoris and have a rotating shaft sort of like my old Ultimate beaver sex toy which is amazing too!

Pleasurevibez.com is a great place to find a bargain or a best buy on sex toys.

Discreet Adult Sex Toys Store said...

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