Friday, March 13, 2009

I Miss My Gigi

I miss my Gigi very much. No my Gigi isn't a dog or a person but it is one of my best friends. My Gigi is my vibrator and I have been without it since I have been home visiting my family. I really want to masturbate and I left it at home. I thought no big deal I can go a week without it and I should be fine. Normally I masturbate about 6 days a week sometimes even twice a day. I have a high sex drive what can I say. I never thought I would have such a strong desire to want to masturbate and especially now that I can't I really want to. Yeah I know there are my fingers but that doesn't really do it for me, unless attached to those fingers are a hot tattooed man. I think I should get a second Gigi just to keep in my purse so I'm always prepared for situations like this. You better believe when I get home within 20 minutes my Gigi will have come out to play.

That's it, I just miss my Gigi.


Unknown said...

My sympathies. I'm a fan of the pocket rocket as a purse size solution.

Brandon B. said...

Have Winston stomp and on your crotch over and over.