Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Heart Lexi Love

I want Lexi Love to be my new best friend. A bit back I talked with the adorable dirty girl and she was super sweet. Born on the east coast she now splits her time between Brooklyn NY and Los Angeles. She may be petite but one should never estimate a girl that comes in a tiny package and what they are capable of. (Take me, I'm 5' and I'm full of surprises) 

Very proactive with her Myspace and Twitter, Lexi is always letting her fans know what's next to come. With blogs about her life and current pictures she lets her fans know they mean a lot to her. Lexi is a dynamic character with a lot to offer not only to the world of porn but to the world in general. 

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Lucy Vonne: So how is life going on in the world of Lexi?

Lexi Love: It’s good, it’s busy. I’ve been pretty much working on getting my domain back. Plus I live in New York and L.A. and I have two completely different lives. Life in New York is much more chill and when I’m in L.A. its go go go.

Lucy Vonne: How did you get into the porn industry?

Lexi Love: I met some people in San Francisco that were shooting porn. At the time there was a guy I was dating and they asked me if I wanted to do a scene with him. I was going to college and working two jobs and they said they would pay my rent for me for the month. So I was like have sex with somebody I’m already having sex with and get my rent paid. So I did and it was fun and I quit my job two weeks later and moved to L.A. and dropped out of college.

Lucy Vonne: I hear there’s a lot of differences between porn that’s in San Francisco then that’s in L.A. and it’s a little more S&M in San Francisco, is there?

Lexi Love: Yeah there is, it’s a huge difference. The porn in San Francisco is more fetish orientated, bondage and BDSM and I think definitely more kinky and dark. In L.A. they still do stuff like that for Evil Angel sometimes but here its more pretty people.

Lucy Vonne: Has working in the porn industry brought out any sexual fantasies you didn’t think you had or gotten you into things you didn’t think you would enjoy doing?

Lexi Love: Um no I’ve pretty much always been a sexual exhibitionist so porn just made it so I was able to bring that out more. And I’m able to do more things that I wouldn’t be able to do because it might scare some people, it brings out like a whole sexual atmosphere.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any upcoming projects you have coming up that you are excited to start working on?

Lexi Love: None for film right now. Just pretty much taking the guy who has my domain to court to try to get it back. So that’s been exciting I can get that back. It’s like standing up for myself saying hey that mine you can’t have it. I guess that’s the only real project I’m working on right now.

Lucy Vonne: What was the situation with that, did he buy it out from under you?

Lucy Vonne- I had lost it and he’s been sued by like 58 other people. He’s like a professional, I’m not going to use the word some would use but he’s a professional domain taker. He gets sued by a lot of people and this is what he does for a living. It looks like I’m getting it back, it’s pretty much airtight. He’s just a big bully and I offered to buy it from him and he didn’t want to sell.

Lucy Vonne: Who are you favorite studios to work with?

Lexi Love- Evil Angel, Pink Visual, Elegant Angel, Brazzers those are like the top four.

Lucy Vonne: How about favorite actors and actresses to work with?

Lexi Love: I like to work with Aaron Wilcoxxx, Kieran Lee, Rocco Reed, and actresses I like to work with Lexi Belle, Belladonna, Dana Dearmond is really fun to work with but I’ve only got to work with her once, ah there’s so many girls.

Lucy Vonne: Were you interested in girls in your personal life before you got into porn or was this something that came out after you got into porn?

Lexi Love: I was, I was having sex with girls in my personal life before I got into porn. They’re cool, they make cute little noises and stuff and not as hairy as the guys

Lucy Vonne: Are you dating anyone right now?

Lexi Love: No I’m 100% single. No one wants to date someone that lives in two places. You know so I don't really have time. 

Lucy Vonne: When you’re not doing porn what are your hobbies? I know you’re a big nature girl.

Lexi Love: I am I’m a big backpacker I’m always looking for some adventure in nature. I go out into the desert or the woods and just hike, I do nature photography. I just took up welding and snowboarding this year, which is a lot of fun. Welding’s kind of dangerous though.

Lucy Vonne: How did you get into welding?

Lexi Love: Where I live in Brooklyn there’s this place with these classes and you can take all sorts of stuff that you want and I’ve always wanted to do a welding class. So for my birthday I did, it’s a lot of fun. I just, I love art and I draw and paint stuff like that I love to cook. And I sing too I’m working with a drummer in a band on a project called Team Cybergiest. We wrote the song together and recorded it together and it was a lot of fun

Lucy Vonne: Are you going to pursue a singing a career or is this more side fun?

Lexi Love: I’m not sure. I used to sing a long time ago but I think I would want a voice coach before I would pursue it again as a full time thing gig. 

Lucy Vonne: Are you still studying homeopathic medicine?

Lexi Love: I am, lately I haven’t had a lot of time to but that’s how I live my life a naturalistic way. I’m vegan I exercise a lot and I rarely ever take anything over the counter or prescriptions. It’s really one of my passions and I like to help people. I see people take way too many pharmaceuticals and that isn’t really necessary.

Lucy Vonne: What made you turn vegan have you been doing it for a long time or something you are really passionate about?

Lexi Love: I started getting sick from eating meat, like I would just get really really sick and in L.A. it just gets ridiculously hot in the summer sometimes like 114 degrees sometimes. And if your doing scenes outside your food doesn’t have proper time to digest and I just started getting really really sick. So I started cutting out red meat and then other meats started to taste bad so I just started the full production and not eating any meat. 

Lucy Vonne: I know you have a tattoo on your lower abdomen, what was the inspiration for that?

Lexi Love: I drew it when I was 12 and I kept it in a journal. So when I turned 18 I really liked the drawing and I was never planning on becoming a porn star when I was 18. I thought the only time people would see it is if they were having sex with me, now everybody sees it when people are having sex with me. It was something I just did for myself cause I liked the design.

Lucy Vonne: Do you think you will get any more work done?

Lexi Love: Not until I’ve retired because a lot of people in porn don’t like to shoot tattoos they’re distracting. So not for a while I won’t be getting anymore.

Lucy Vonne: Do you think you will be in this business for a long time? Is there anything else you see yourself doing with your life?

Lexi Love: I really love doing porn. I kind of want to be like the Madonna of porn I want to be here for a long time. I really enjoy it its fun, I can’t really call it a job you know its what I love to do.

Lucy Vonne: Do you think you will step behind the camera at all or do some writing for the industry?

Lexi Love: I probably will step behind the camera. I do have my own studio equipment and stuff like that but is something I would like to do. But I want to stay in front of the camera as long as possible.

Lucy Vonne: Does your family know you are in this business?

Lexi Love: Yes my mom and my dad both know. I have siblings and they know. My mom says as long as I’m happy and safe do what you want. And my dad just says don’t get your little sister into porn. My family is very cool about it. I mean I went to school for chemical engineering and I didn’t finish. But there’s other things that I could be doing and I choose to do this. It’s not because I have to, it's because I want to and I like it. So they want to see me happy they aren’t going to criticize what I like to do.

Lucy Vonne: Lexi Love isn’t your birth name is it?

Lexi Love: No.

Lucy Vonne: How’d you come up with that name?

Lexi Love: I wanted something that sounded sexy and Lexi rhymes with sexy and love just kind of, well I wanted something with a good flow that flowed off your tongue. My original name for a few weeks was Lexi Jones but nobody liked it. They were like your name sucks so I was aw ok. So I just tried to think and sat down with a piece of paper and wrote stuff and I thought of that and I liked that one.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any memorable experiences on set or in the industry you can remember?

Lexi Love: I sky dived for two different companies. One for Shanes World and one for Skye Blue that was pretty memorable. I had never jumped out of a plane before when I jumped for Shanes World. I jumped at 15,000 feet naked and landed in a field with a bunch of ladies on horses that, was pretty memorable. I’ve had a lot of fun and memorable experiences. I can’t think of them all but I would say that’s my most memorable.

Lucy Vonne: Do you get recognized being out and about?

Lexi Love: I get recognized a lot more in New York then I do in L.A. I’ve had people on the subway trains or walking down the street just come up to me and ask me for my autograph and its kind of weird but its cool. Everybody’s been really nice but I get that a lot more in New York then in L.A. But verbally recognized, some people do come up to you.

Lucy Vonne: How was the whole past awards show this season, was it fun? I know the AVNs just happened and Xbiz.

Lexi Love: It was great I had a ton of fun at both events. The AVNs and AEE are always crazy. This year I had a little more fun then I normally do. I tried to let loose and get to all the parties at night hung out and get back early in the morning. The award show was great. I was right in the front row next to Tori Black and T. Reel. It was fun this year was really fun. Everyone was really excited about it. And Xbiz was really good I went with Will Hudson and he’s just starting in porn. It was cool there was so many people there and everybody’s just really relaxed and having fun. It doesn’t seem like your normal sit down award show and we had really cool performances and had a really good time.

Lucy Vonne: There’s the Exxxotica in Miami you have coming up have you been to that one before?

Lexi Love: I have I had my own booth there last year it was a lot of fun, a lot of really cool people. This year I probably wont have my own booth because I don’t have my website right now but I will be going down there doing something.

Lucy Vonne: When you get your website back is there anything new you want to add to it?

Lexi Love: I’m going to be putting a lot more anal on it, some more crazier scenes and I’m working with different people on it. It was all my ideas before last time but my video guy had more of a say of what would happen. This time it’s going to be all me the was I want it and I don’t have to deal with other people’s opinions. I get to go out and film my fantasies for my website.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anything that you wont do on camera that you just keep personal?

Lexi Love: I wouldn’t say there are things on camera that I keep personal. There are things that I’m not really into. I’m not into DP or double vag or double anal you know just too much dick in one spot. But pretty much everything I do on camera I do at home. I do anal at home I squirt at home I like bondage at home.

Lucy Vonne: Are their any specialties that you do in your videos? I know you do anal and squirt but is there anything you are really known for?

Lexi Love: My butt, I known for my butt.