Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dolls are one of the oldest toys out there for girls and boys to play with. Now a days you can find dolls in all shapes and sizes. My roommate even got me a Jenna Jameson doll for my birthday one year. DYKEdolls has only been around for a few years but already gaining lots of followers of it's child and adult version of the doll. They are actually pretty genius in terms of not falling into crazy stereotypes. Called the "world's first lesbian doll," they are popping up in shops around NYC.

Created and founded by S. Perdomo who never liked the dolls she would receive as gifts as a kid. "The Idea of DYKEdolls came up because I started seeing all types of areas represented through dolls. I mean, the idea that dolls could actually reflect what is going on in current culture interesting to me. This was still an area that I didn't see much of. Thus DYKEdoll was born. It waas something that I hadn't see yet, and though would be a lot of fun to do."

To learn about the different lesbian dolls to play with click read more.

There are two different types of dolls, the kid version and the adult more naughty version. The ones that are suitable for kids are called Baby Dykes. There is Jesse the so-cal skater chick and two different basketball players called Badness. Also is a family of lesbians. The family comes with Kelly, Christine and baby Soo Jin. The only problem I have with that is they should offer you more choices in terms of the baby that comes with the family.

Then comes the more risque DYKEdolls. Made for adults are the Bobbie Dolls. There are three different versions of the Bobbie Doll; Diesel, Rockabilly, and Doc Holiday. And yes they do have grown up lady parts and apparently excited ones at that. But if that's not enough for you to play with then you can buy the dolls in the set version. Then they come with their own vibrator, didlo and leather strap on. For hours of endless fun when you don't want to do any actual work. You can also buy Bobbie briefs and tee to accessorize with. They need to come out with more add ons like nipple rings and more temporary tattoos. Then you can make them as bad ass as you want.

I want someone to make more adult dolls like this in male and female versions. I would make myself an x-rated doll house. It could have a dungeon, a hot tub, steam room, dress up room, toy room and a porn viewing room. It would be awesome. My mom likes to tell people that she knew I was destined for a career in the adult industry when she heard me making my Barbies do dirty things to each other.

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