Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big Foot Toy Case

I find it funny that toy companies make toy cases that hold maybe one vibrator and that's it. What are the people who own a whole lot more then that supposed to do. Realistically you can turn anything into a toy case. My current toy case used to be my very large make-up case. It does a pretty good job, but recently with all the free stuff I have been getting I might need to upgrade to a toy trunk.

The company For Your Nymphomation has come out with their latest toy case which they call "the clown car of toy cases." Called The Big Foot it measures in at 12"x5"x5" and was inspired by the Fleshlight and that nothing out there was big enough to carry it. But it's not only for that, ladies you can fit a whole bunch of your goodies in there and always be ready to travel. Even great for shoes and toiletries. 

There are two nylon pockets with elastic closures to keep smaller trinkets. On each side on the inside are elastic loops mean to keep your lube and oils positioned upright so they won't spill. But don't fret if it does because it's very easy to clean. The Big Foot is lined with washable water-resistant nylon that cleans easily with soap and water. It comes in red patent, black and purple faux leather.

It's very discrete so you won't be scared to keep it by your bed. No one will have any idea what it is. And if they do it's only because they have one. At the rate I'm getting stuff trunks won't even hold it. I'm going to need a playroom. That's not a bad idea. 

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Brandon B. said...

Just make sure to keep the cheaper materials separate from the other toys or they'll melt.