Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Forever Is The Night Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne


Iconic Rabbit

Since The Pleasure Chest loves me they are helping me with my sexual voyage of reviewing toys. When it came down to picking out my first one I had no idea what to get. But after careful thought and a talk with my vagina we decided to get the Iconic Rabbit from Jimmyjane. Part of the line of The Usual Suspects the Rabbit is the most famous of the bunch. Jimmyjane partnered with Vibratex to update the classic toy. Created in Japan about 25 years ago the Rabbit was the first to offer internal and external stimulation at the same time. To this day it continues to be one of the biggest sellers at work. Especially after being featured on shows such as "Sex and the City."

This toys comes with some amazing features. First off it comes with a one year warranty. And that won't be for if you don't like it, but maybe if you use it too much you short circuit it. It's made with a hygienic, phthalate-free, latex-free elastomer. Great for anyone with sensitive skin or if you're worried about bad material, this is great material. It is only made in white which gives it a classic look. The shaft spins and has pearls at the base of it. You can bend the shaft slightly to hit the g spot. The front clitoral piece is a strong little rabbit the packs quite a punch.

Don't be alarmed by the woman's face on the toy. Reason is in Japan where it was made there is a long standing taboo surrounding the depicting of genitalia. Therefore dating back to when they first made these faces and other details were sculpted in to soften visual impact and disguise their functional intent. Hence why so many toys have faces or animals on them these days.

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Well my vagina thinks it's fabulous, but not at first. When I first started to use it I inserted it the standard way to play with it. Held it from the front and turned it all the way up, I don't play around I like it strong. In this position the clitoral piece was great, I understand now what they mean when they say those little ears are magical. Sometimes I did have to hold it down to hit the right spot. The internal piece was a new feeling with the spinning. It was a nice feeling but it wasn't anything to blow my mind. I decided to switch it up.

If you bend the shaft you can hit the g spot which for me is my explosive spot. The best way to hit mine is in doggy, so I flipped myself around and assumed the position and held the rabbit from behind so I could tilt it. And that's when the fireworks went off, holy shit. I think my neighbors might of heard me yell. That thing found my spot like a whore finds a penis, instantly. This toy is going to give my Gigi a run for it's money. However the Rabbit is a little noisy so it's not one I could use while my roommate is home unless I warned her I was using it. However I usually do announce when I'm going to masturbate because I have no shame. I even talked about it at brunch the other day to strangers.

I was reading the rules of the toys and it says to not use for more then 20 minutes. Which could be a problem for me because sometimes I get into it and can play around for quite some time. I'm thinking it's 20 minutes of continued use and if I turned it off to cool down for a bit I should be ok for marathon masturbating. That is how I spend my days off, or mornings, evenings pretty much all the time. Including now, excuse me. 


Monday, March 30, 2009

Tantus Zing Plug

Working at The Pleasure Chest I have learned to explore things I didn't think I would want to, like anal play. To help with this adventure I purchased a plug awhile back. No silly bad smelling jelly plugs for me, I went right for the good stuff. I went for the company Tantus who only uses platinum silicone for their toys. I wanted the option of vibration so I went with the Zing, of course in light pink.

Like I said before it's made with platinum silicone which is one of the best materials you can use for toys. It's completely hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless and won't harbor any bacteria. You can even boil it for a few minutes to completely sanitize it. But since it is silicone you can only use water based lubricant with it or else the silicones will have a little war on each other and you will destroy the toy. Great for anyone who has sensitive skin and is allergic to latex.

It has a tapered tip so it slides in very easily. You will want to use lube because the anus does not lubricate naturally. It's 4" long about about 1.25" wide in the middle. Since I'm not used to too much anal play it was a little strange at first but then was really good. The little bullet didn't really do much though. It's not super power full and takes watch batteries which hardly last at all. Plus if the bullet isn't pushed all the way in and you are having sex in doggy it can poke the guy. (But my ex was a baby so what did I expect) I did enjoy the DP action that was going on though, better then I though because it tightens the vaginal wall so you feel more. Another great use is to loosen yourself up before you engage in anal sex.

It's the perfect plug to start off with in your anal adventures. It may seem big but honestly it really isn't that much to take on. You don't have to use the bullet if you don't want to so you get the best of both worlds. Plus it will last a lifetime, unless someone takes it from you. Believe me that happens, I have heard stories.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh Creepy Man

Last night was the night of creepy men at work. As my luck would have it they always decide to come in on the same night. This one particular man was very creepy and made my skin crawl. He was older probably around 60 and had a huge beer belly. He was wearing on of those bollo tie things and had a odd smile on his face. He also liked to try and stand too close to me and stare for long periods of time. Here is how our conversation went down.

Creepy Man: So is the club (don't remember the name he said) still across the street?
Me: No I'm sorry I don't know that place.

-He stares for about a minute looking me up and down.

Creepy Man: Used to be really popular back in the day, you don't know it?
Me: No sorry I don't, but you can check the magazines by the door because they have the bars in them.
Creepy Man: Well it's not a normal bar if you know what I mean (winks) more of a discussion group.

-I nervously and uncomfortably laugh and he stares at me again for a bit with a grin on his face.

Creepy Man: So how's business?
Me: It's good, staying busy.
Creepy Man: Are you here most nights?

-He steps closer and I step back

Me: Oh it all depends on when I work, it's always different.

- He continues to stare

Creepy Man: I'm going to see if I can find that club, what time are you open till?
Me: Midnight.
Creepy Man: You will probably see me later. (winks)

-He again stares at me for a bit and then decides to leave. Thankfully he did not come back later in the night. Why does this never happen with hot tattooed men?!?! Someone work on that.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Erik Everhard

Erik Everhard is so cute I just want to pinch his cheeks, and I'm not just talking about the ones on his face. At 32 and almost ten years in the industry Erik is still going strong with performing and directing. In 1995 he was in Vancouver going to University when he decided to try out porn. With financial help from friends he took his penis and talents to Los Angeles in 1999. One of the first directors he worked with was Jules Jordan and they continue to collaborate to this day.

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Eirk's birth name is Mitch Hartwell and will direct under a different name also. He has done over 500 movies and directed about 40. Through out his career he has won a few awards including XRCO male performer of the year and best american performer at the Prague adult film festival. He says he does porn for the pure enjoyment and love of sex, doesn't have anything to do with the money.

He is actually quite enjoyable to watch on screen. His acting skills are pretty good. I watched him in a comedy the other day and was delighted with his humor. He has this grin which is adorable and looks like he is up to no good. Then 2 minutes later you realize he is up to no good and is going to bang the hell out of you.
You can find Mr. Everhard in the following films; Nurses, Exposed, Balls Deep, Cheerleaders, Mind Fuck, 5 Star Sky, Anal Romance, Breakup Sex, Dollhouse 4, Gabriella Fox Nude, Hard Candy 2, Jenna Loves Justin Again, Perfect Sex, Teagan's Juice, and hundreds of others.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dolls are one of the oldest toys out there for girls and boys to play with. Now a days you can find dolls in all shapes and sizes. My roommate even got me a Jenna Jameson doll for my birthday one year. DYKEdolls has only been around for a few years but already gaining lots of followers of it's child and adult version of the doll. They are actually pretty genius in terms of not falling into crazy stereotypes. Called the "world's first lesbian doll," they are popping up in shops around NYC.

Created and founded by S. Perdomo who never liked the dolls she would receive as gifts as a kid. "The Idea of DYKEdolls came up because I started seeing all types of areas represented through dolls. I mean, the idea that dolls could actually reflect what is going on in current culture interesting to me. This was still an area that I didn't see much of. Thus DYKEdoll was born. It waas something that I hadn't see yet, and though would be a lot of fun to do."

To learn about the different lesbian dolls to play with click read more.

There are two different types of dolls, the kid version and the adult more naughty version. The ones that are suitable for kids are called Baby Dykes. There is Jesse the so-cal skater chick and two different basketball players called Badness. Also is a family of lesbians. The family comes with Kelly, Christine and baby Soo Jin. The only problem I have with that is they should offer you more choices in terms of the baby that comes with the family.

Then comes the more risque DYKEdolls. Made for adults are the Bobbie Dolls. There are three different versions of the Bobbie Doll; Diesel, Rockabilly, and Doc Holiday. And yes they do have grown up lady parts and apparently excited ones at that. But if that's not enough for you to play with then you can buy the dolls in the set version. Then they come with their own vibrator, didlo and leather strap on. For hours of endless fun when you don't want to do any actual work. You can also buy Bobbie briefs and tee to accessorize with. They need to come out with more add ons like nipple rings and more temporary tattoos. Then you can make them as bad ass as you want.

I want someone to make more adult dolls like this in male and female versions. I would make myself an x-rated doll house. It could have a dungeon, a hot tub, steam room, dress up room, toy room and a porn viewing room. It would be awesome. My mom likes to tell people that she knew I was destined for a career in the adult industry when she heard me making my Barbies do dirty things to each other.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Text for Morning After Pill

So many people use text messaging today for almost everything they do, you can even order a pizza. So why not be able to get the morning after pill through text messaging. Thats just what six schools in Oxforshire will be offering girls coming this July. In an article by the Hampshire Chronicle this new plan is discussed and the reasonings for it. They will not name the six schools who are involved probably to keep some privacy.

Any girl who is in need can simply text for the pill. They don't mention where the text is sent but I'm guessing the school nurse. They also don't mention where the girl can pick it up. I'm hoping for some secret meet up but it's probably not that exciting and you just go to the nurses office. But they talk about how it's hard for girl to ask for it face to face but if they still must pick it up from someone they still might not ask. However if any girl between the ages of 11-13 ask for it child protection will step in. But if I was that 11 year old I would just ask my older friend to get it for me, so I'm not sure if that plan will pan out as well as they hoped.

They are starting with this plan because of the rise in teenage pregnancy in the recent years. I think it's a great idea since these days no one is helping kids out with sex and what they should do if they have issues. More schools should take the initiative and follow in this direction. 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't Call Me Desensitized!

Check out my latest blog for Club Double D entitled "Don't Call Me Desensitized!"


Monday, March 23, 2009

Blow Up Doll Windbreaker

This is the greatest thing I have seen in a long time and I really want one, I can wear to my next family function. Don't worry they are used to my antics by now. Designed and made by designer Sander Reijgers these stylish windbreakers are sure to complete any outfit. Pretty much just made out of cloth and parts of blow up dolls.

"I customize existing tracksuit tops with parts of the blow-up dolls – the head, the breasts, the vagina, the anus. These dolls are so ugly and vulgar that turning them into something beautiful has become a challenge for me. The doll is a means to convey something else," states Sander.

Why would one decide to make something like this you ask. He states "Inflatable dolls are so ugly. Beautifying and thus rendering their purpose was kind of a challenge. We’re exposed daily to female nudity to stimulate consumption. By modifying the doll’s functionality into a jacket, I enable it ‘to feel’ through its new purpose. My design is meant as a comment but one with humor."

I don't care what you say and how ridiculous I would look wearing this but I really want one. I have yet to figure out where I can buy one but I will. I wonder if he puts the vagina parts in the pockets and you can secretly play with them whenever you want. I would ask people to put their hands in my pockets and guess what it was. I'm hoping he comes out with a male version of these. He could make the penis the zipper pull! 

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Rocco Reed

Rocco Reed looks like the boy next door, you would never guess he is a porn star. Friends say he has always been a ladies man. In college he played division 1 basketball which is probably why he is still in such good shape. He graduated with a degree in psychology but did not pursue it. He moved to LA and soon got into the world of adult. He is currently a model and actor for LA Direct.

He began his career in adult in 2007. Since then he has worked for some of the top studios and has slept with some of the top women in the industry. When I recently spoke to actress Lexi Love she included Rocco in her list of favorite men to work with. He has an awesome butt and wonderful penis. And when he goes down on a girl it looks like he knows exactly what to do and I don't think I've seen a girl fake her excitement with him when he does that.

Want to do some masturbating to him? You can find him in the following movies; Cougar Hunter, Sugar, Sex Offenders, Forever is the Night, Layover, Wicked, Making Amends, Brand New Faces 10, and My First MILF.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scotch Flavored Condoms

Ron Burgundy would be pleased with this find. I kid you not with this alcoholic flavor of condom on the market. They are being marketed under the name McCondom. I have no idea where you can get them but rumor is they are circulating in bars and pubs around Ireland and Scotland. Hopefully they make their way to the states so we all can share in this fun new flavor. I hope this doesn't instantly turn a penis into every girls nightmare of whiskey dick. They should start making other drink flavored condoms such as a shirley temple or margarita.  

But honestly who really uses flavored condoms these days? I know you should always be safe and use a condom even for giving head. But If I give head it's carefully planned and I'm not one who enjoys the taste of plastic in my mouth, I prefer the penis. If the situation is safe then I think that's ok. I would not be turned on if a guy whipped these out in all seriousness. 

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

System JO Clitoral Stimulation Gel

Orgasms are very important in a girl's life. They help get rid of my headaches, help me fall asleep, and even sometimes invigorates me before I go to the gym. Hell I've already had like 10 orgasms today. It's my day off and I masturbated a lot, what else is there to do. But sometimes for a lady and even myself if takes some time to reach that point of pleasure. Thankfully there are things are there to help with that.

Clitoral stimulation creams are fantastic. They are used to amp up your sexual sensitivity and can increase your orgasm and make them more intense. I have tried a few before and I can attest to the fact that they do work. This morning I decided to try out the stimulation cream from System JO. I had heard that it wasn't very good and didn't do much so I was skeptical to try it. But I had some samples and figured why not. Those people were wrong and it works quite nicely.

It comes in four kinds; regular, light, mild and wild. I of course don't mess around and used the wild. So whether or not the other ones work I cannot say right now but the wild does. However it wasn't as intense as others that I have tried like Orgazyme but it still got the job done. Right when I put it on my finger it warmed up and felt quite nice on the clit. You only need a very small amount, like the size of a drop of water. After a few minutes it was still warm yet got this cooling tingling sensation. Nothing too intense but a nice amount. And then away I went. I do have to say my orgasms were more intense and I reached that point faster then usual.

The JO cream is both PH balanced and hormone free. It can be used with condoms but should not be ingested or inserted into the vagina, it's just made for external fun. It also contains no L-Arginies which I just found out can increase the chance of a herpes outbreak in those who already have it. Great to use alone or with a man friend. On that note I'm going in for round 5 of clitoral stimulation today.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Porn For the Blind

While aimlessly playing around on the internet I found this fantastic little non-profit site. Created in 2005 Porn for the Blind is a website dedicated to giving the visually impaired something to masturbate to. It's based out of Cambridge MA and been gaining some good followers.

The website is plain white background with a list of porn sites you can click on. Each posting has a recording of exactly what is going on in the scene, a penis play by play if you will. Done all by volunteers, thats right you can even submit a recording if you would like. I have yet to do so but I feel it's only right that I do my part for community service. They range from straight scenes to gay scenes. There is a format you must follow on what to describe and how to end the recording.

I think this a wonderful concept and idea and I'm glad it's doing well. But how do the blind find themselves on the website in the first place. I guess they would probably have a good concept of maneuvering the internet for themselves but what if they can't. They will just have to ask someone to take them to the website. Also they require that you only use anatomical language such as penis, vagina, male, female, and sperm. I understand they want to keep it professional but I listened to a couple and it almost made me giggle how it sounded. It almost sounded as if I was back in health class again. I guess when I think of porn cock and balls comes to mind. Hey I like my porn dirty.

However I still think it's a innovative idea. Everyone should enjoy the wonders of porn. I'm deciding which clip I want to make a recording to. I will probably find one with Jean Val Jean and just talk about him and how much I heart him. Everyone should experience him, he is my all time favorite. But you should go record one too. I think MILF Bangers or Straight Boys Fucking are still available.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

I Miss My Gigi

I miss my Gigi very much. No my Gigi isn't a dog or a person but it is one of my best friends. My Gigi is my vibrator and I have been without it since I have been home visiting my family. I really want to masturbate and I left it at home. I thought no big deal I can go a week without it and I should be fine. Normally I masturbate about 6 days a week sometimes even twice a day. I have a high sex drive what can I say. I never thought I would have such a strong desire to want to masturbate and especially now that I can't I really want to. Yeah I know there are my fingers but that doesn't really do it for me, unless attached to those fingers are a hot tattooed man. I think I should get a second Gigi just to keep in my purse so I'm always prepared for situations like this. You better believe when I get home within 20 minutes my Gigi will have come out to play.

That's it, I just miss my Gigi.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Brian Street Team

Oh boys with tattoos, we all know I have a weakness for them. The more the better and the more I want to jump them and let them have their way with me. This week's porn stud makes me wet just looking at him. Brian Street Team is so incredibly sexy and down to earth. He seems like the kind of guy that would be hilarious and so much fun to hang out with and then take you home and bang the hell out of you.

Lucky me I got to talk to him the other day and get the dirt on him. He sounded dreamy and was incredibly sweet. If I were ever to do porn I would want him to be one of my on screen rendezvous. He is still new so you can't find him in many movies yet but I have no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of his penis in the long run. (which looks like quite a nice one at that) If you want to send him fan mail you can find him on Twitter and Myspace.

Click read more to check out my interview with him.

Lucy Vonne: I’d like to thank you for talking to me today.

Brian Street Team: No problem it’s my pleasure.

Lucy Vonne: So I heard your first scene you were drunk and it wasn’t actually a planned scene.

Brian Street Team: Ummmmm kind of, it was kind of planned. Who’d you hear that from?

Lucy Vonne: I read it on Joanna Angel’s blog about you.

Brian Street Team: Yeah it was kind of like me and Cali were fooling around earlier in the night. And then James, when we got back to their house was like nobody fucks in my house with out being on film. I was like all right lets do it. There had already been talks about me doing scenes and stuff like that. So then I said yeah lets do this. That was Brian’s first time if you will.

Lucy Vonne: How’d you get involved with all the Burning Angel crew? Were you friends with them before hand?

Brian Street Team: It basically started out I was looking for porn on the Internet, you know like anybody else would do. I’m pretty tattooed and I’m into tattooed girls so I just googled tattooed porn girls and it showed Burning Angel. I thought oh this is cool and I joined the street team cause I was just cruising around the site. The street team thing said that with the street team you can hand out stickers, promote the site and then you might get to meet some of the girls. I was like oh sign me up. So I did that and then I did a tattoo convention with Joanna and the second day of the convention she asked me if I would do porn. I was like ok why not. So I just kind of fell into it, it wasn’t my life long dream to be a porno guy it just happened.

Lucy Vonne: Have you done a lot of movies since then?

Brian Street Team: Yeah I’ve done a few. There’s not a lot that are out yet because they space out the girls and stuff on the site with which videos they do. I’ve done a few, quite a few now. Mostly just for, well its all been for Burning Angel.

Lucy Vonne: Have you done any actual features or movies or has it been just stuff for the website?

Brian Street Team: I did one feature but it was just a blowjob scene. I was in XOXO Joanna and she blew me and like 4 other dudes and a girl at the same time. I was in that and then I think one of them, I did one for another feature but it hasn’t been released yet and I don’t know which one its for.

Lucy Vonne: So Brian Street Team, that’s just real name Brian and you added the Street Team to it?

Brian Street Team: Yeah cause how that came about was James Deen’s real name is Brian and Joanna, we were doing something for a convention or something like that. And I’m driving Joanna around and people were asking on the phone “Who are you with” and she said “Oh I’m with Brian” and they’re like “Oh Brian’s with you” and she said “No no no Brian Street Team Brian” and it just kind of stuck after that. The next morning we were doing the paper work and stuff I was like ah what’s my name going to be and James Deen was like “It’s Brian Street Team that is your name go with it” I was like alright.

Lucy Vonne: Cause I saw Johnny Rad a couple of places.

Brian Street Team: Yeah Johnny Rad was going to be my original name. Cause I say rad kind of often, I say rad a lot and it’s tattooed on my forearm. It’s from an old skate video. So that was going to be it at first but then we figured Brian Street Team was kind of better.

Lucy Vonne: Who are the girls you really like to work with?

Brian Street Team: That I really like to work with, um I would say Mistidawn was really awesome to work with. Draven was really rad. Pretty much I love every single girl that I’ve ever worked with they’re all awesome basically. There are a couple other girls I practiced with or rehearsed with that were really awesome as well.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anyone that you really want to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

Brian Street Team: Gosh there’s so many. I would say actually April Flores for some reason I really really want to work with her. Cause I kind of have a thing for big girls sometimes and she’s really sexy to me and I really want to work with her sometime. Um April Flores and probably Regan Reese too she really hot, I’m really into her too.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any special moves you like to whip out during your scenes?

Brian Street Team: Yeah there’s one. We kind of, me and Joanna were hanging out one time talking about funny stuff to do in movies and I did the street team sticker slap. Which is were I grab a sticker and I slap a girls ass and I street team her basically. I like to say you just got street teamed and I slap a sticker on her ass while doing her. That’s probably like my signature move I guess.

Lucy Vonne: That’s a pretty good move.

Brian Street Team: Yeah very specific and living the dream too that’s like my other little catch phrase.
Lucy Vonne: What do girls say when you tell them you’re into porn, do they get turned off or more intrigued?

Brian Street Team: It’s really mixed. I would say its like 70/30, like 70% of the girls are stoked on it they’re into it as well. Then the other 30% at first are like that’s lame and I can’t believe you do that. Then they come around and they’re like that’s actually pretty hot and he must know what he’s doing.

Lucy Vonne: Does your family know about this?

Brian Street Team: Yes they do. My dad found out when a friend of mine mentioned it to him. And then my mom found out by my little brother was wearing a Burning Angel shirt at my mom’s house. She asked “Oh what’s that shirt mean” and my brothers like “Oh that’s the website Brian works for.” Then she kind of paused for a second and she’s like “Does he do porn?” And that’s how she found out, but they’re ok with it kind of like ah whatever.

Lucy Vonne: So you haven’t been doing this that long then, how long have you been doing this?

Brian Street Team: About a year I’m pretty much a newbie.

Lucy Vonne: Is this something you think you will be doing for awhile and really like and make a career out of it or just something fun?

Brian Street Team: Right now I do it basically as a hobby. The eventual plan is to do more of the business side of it with sales, production and distribution and stuff like that. So right now I do it for fun because I mean I get paid to bang hot chicks, why would somebody not do that.

Lucy Vonne: When you’re not doing porn what are you doing?

Brian Street Team: I do a slew of music festivals in the Los Angels Southern California area. I manage some bands and stuff like that so I do a lot of music stuff. I work at a porn store as well doing all the buying and sales for them, I’m a busy boy.

Lucy Vonne: Do you get to test out a lot of the toys there?

Brian Street Team: I try to as much as possible.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anything you want to say to your female fans out there?

Brian Street Team: Hi I’m Brian Street Team and I wanna have sex with you!

Lucy Vonne: That’s perfect.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Heart Lexi Love

I want Lexi Love to be my new best friend. A bit back I talked with the adorable dirty girl and she was super sweet. Born on the east coast she now splits her time between Brooklyn NY and Los Angeles. She may be petite but one should never estimate a girl that comes in a tiny package and what they are capable of. (Take me, I'm 5' and I'm full of surprises) 

Very proactive with her Myspace and Twitter, Lexi is always letting her fans know what's next to come. With blogs about her life and current pictures she lets her fans know they mean a lot to her. Lexi is a dynamic character with a lot to offer not only to the world of porn but to the world in general. 

Click read more to check out my interview.

Lucy Vonne: So how is life going on in the world of Lexi?

Lexi Love: It’s good, it’s busy. I’ve been pretty much working on getting my domain back. Plus I live in New York and L.A. and I have two completely different lives. Life in New York is much more chill and when I’m in L.A. its go go go.

Lucy Vonne: How did you get into the porn industry?

Lexi Love: I met some people in San Francisco that were shooting porn. At the time there was a guy I was dating and they asked me if I wanted to do a scene with him. I was going to college and working two jobs and they said they would pay my rent for me for the month. So I was like have sex with somebody I’m already having sex with and get my rent paid. So I did and it was fun and I quit my job two weeks later and moved to L.A. and dropped out of college.

Lucy Vonne: I hear there’s a lot of differences between porn that’s in San Francisco then that’s in L.A. and it’s a little more S&M in San Francisco, is there?

Lexi Love: Yeah there is, it’s a huge difference. The porn in San Francisco is more fetish orientated, bondage and BDSM and I think definitely more kinky and dark. In L.A. they still do stuff like that for Evil Angel sometimes but here its more pretty people.

Lucy Vonne: Has working in the porn industry brought out any sexual fantasies you didn’t think you had or gotten you into things you didn’t think you would enjoy doing?

Lexi Love: Um no I’ve pretty much always been a sexual exhibitionist so porn just made it so I was able to bring that out more. And I’m able to do more things that I wouldn’t be able to do because it might scare some people, it brings out like a whole sexual atmosphere.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any upcoming projects you have coming up that you are excited to start working on?

Lexi Love: None for film right now. Just pretty much taking the guy who has my domain to court to try to get it back. So that’s been exciting I can get that back. It’s like standing up for myself saying hey that mine you can’t have it. I guess that’s the only real project I’m working on right now.

Lucy Vonne: What was the situation with that, did he buy it out from under you?

Lucy Vonne- I had lost it and he’s been sued by like 58 other people. He’s like a professional, I’m not going to use the word some would use but he’s a professional domain taker. He gets sued by a lot of people and this is what he does for a living. It looks like I’m getting it back, it’s pretty much airtight. He’s just a big bully and I offered to buy it from him and he didn’t want to sell.

Lucy Vonne: Who are you favorite studios to work with?

Lexi Love- Evil Angel, Pink Visual, Elegant Angel, Brazzers those are like the top four.

Lucy Vonne: How about favorite actors and actresses to work with?

Lexi Love: I like to work with Aaron Wilcoxxx, Kieran Lee, Rocco Reed, and actresses I like to work with Lexi Belle, Belladonna, Dana Dearmond is really fun to work with but I’ve only got to work with her once, ah there’s so many girls.

Lucy Vonne: Were you interested in girls in your personal life before you got into porn or was this something that came out after you got into porn?

Lexi Love: I was, I was having sex with girls in my personal life before I got into porn. They’re cool, they make cute little noises and stuff and not as hairy as the guys

Lucy Vonne: Are you dating anyone right now?

Lexi Love: No I’m 100% single. No one wants to date someone that lives in two places. You know so I don't really have time. 

Lucy Vonne: When you’re not doing porn what are your hobbies? I know you’re a big nature girl.

Lexi Love: I am I’m a big backpacker I’m always looking for some adventure in nature. I go out into the desert or the woods and just hike, I do nature photography. I just took up welding and snowboarding this year, which is a lot of fun. Welding’s kind of dangerous though.

Lucy Vonne: How did you get into welding?

Lexi Love: Where I live in Brooklyn there’s this place with these classes and you can take all sorts of stuff that you want and I’ve always wanted to do a welding class. So for my birthday I did, it’s a lot of fun. I just, I love art and I draw and paint stuff like that I love to cook. And I sing too I’m working with a drummer in a band on a project called Team Cybergiest. We wrote the song together and recorded it together and it was a lot of fun

Lucy Vonne: Are you going to pursue a singing a career or is this more side fun?

Lexi Love: I’m not sure. I used to sing a long time ago but I think I would want a voice coach before I would pursue it again as a full time thing gig. 

Lucy Vonne: Are you still studying homeopathic medicine?

Lexi Love: I am, lately I haven’t had a lot of time to but that’s how I live my life a naturalistic way. I’m vegan I exercise a lot and I rarely ever take anything over the counter or prescriptions. It’s really one of my passions and I like to help people. I see people take way too many pharmaceuticals and that isn’t really necessary.

Lucy Vonne: What made you turn vegan have you been doing it for a long time or something you are really passionate about?

Lexi Love: I started getting sick from eating meat, like I would just get really really sick and in L.A. it just gets ridiculously hot in the summer sometimes like 114 degrees sometimes. And if your doing scenes outside your food doesn’t have proper time to digest and I just started getting really really sick. So I started cutting out red meat and then other meats started to taste bad so I just started the full production and not eating any meat. 

Lucy Vonne: I know you have a tattoo on your lower abdomen, what was the inspiration for that?

Lexi Love: I drew it when I was 12 and I kept it in a journal. So when I turned 18 I really liked the drawing and I was never planning on becoming a porn star when I was 18. I thought the only time people would see it is if they were having sex with me, now everybody sees it when people are having sex with me. It was something I just did for myself cause I liked the design.

Lucy Vonne: Do you think you will get any more work done?

Lexi Love: Not until I’ve retired because a lot of people in porn don’t like to shoot tattoos they’re distracting. So not for a while I won’t be getting anymore.

Lucy Vonne: Do you think you will be in this business for a long time? Is there anything else you see yourself doing with your life?

Lexi Love: I really love doing porn. I kind of want to be like the Madonna of porn I want to be here for a long time. I really enjoy it its fun, I can’t really call it a job you know its what I love to do.

Lucy Vonne: Do you think you will step behind the camera at all or do some writing for the industry?

Lexi Love: I probably will step behind the camera. I do have my own studio equipment and stuff like that but is something I would like to do. But I want to stay in front of the camera as long as possible.

Lucy Vonne: Does your family know you are in this business?

Lexi Love: Yes my mom and my dad both know. I have siblings and they know. My mom says as long as I’m happy and safe do what you want. And my dad just says don’t get your little sister into porn. My family is very cool about it. I mean I went to school for chemical engineering and I didn’t finish. But there’s other things that I could be doing and I choose to do this. It’s not because I have to, it's because I want to and I like it. So they want to see me happy they aren’t going to criticize what I like to do.

Lucy Vonne: Lexi Love isn’t your birth name is it?

Lexi Love: No.

Lucy Vonne: How’d you come up with that name?

Lexi Love: I wanted something that sounded sexy and Lexi rhymes with sexy and love just kind of, well I wanted something with a good flow that flowed off your tongue. My original name for a few weeks was Lexi Jones but nobody liked it. They were like your name sucks so I was aw ok. So I just tried to think and sat down with a piece of paper and wrote stuff and I thought of that and I liked that one.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any memorable experiences on set or in the industry you can remember?

Lexi Love: I sky dived for two different companies. One for Shanes World and one for Skye Blue that was pretty memorable. I had never jumped out of a plane before when I jumped for Shanes World. I jumped at 15,000 feet naked and landed in a field with a bunch of ladies on horses that, was pretty memorable. I’ve had a lot of fun and memorable experiences. I can’t think of them all but I would say that’s my most memorable.

Lucy Vonne: Do you get recognized being out and about?

Lexi Love: I get recognized a lot more in New York then I do in L.A. I’ve had people on the subway trains or walking down the street just come up to me and ask me for my autograph and its kind of weird but its cool. Everybody’s been really nice but I get that a lot more in New York then in L.A. But verbally recognized, some people do come up to you.

Lucy Vonne: How was the whole past awards show this season, was it fun? I know the AVNs just happened and Xbiz.

Lexi Love: It was great I had a ton of fun at both events. The AVNs and AEE are always crazy. This year I had a little more fun then I normally do. I tried to let loose and get to all the parties at night hung out and get back early in the morning. The award show was great. I was right in the front row next to Tori Black and T. Reel. It was fun this year was really fun. Everyone was really excited about it. And Xbiz was really good I went with Will Hudson and he’s just starting in porn. It was cool there was so many people there and everybody’s just really relaxed and having fun. It doesn’t seem like your normal sit down award show and we had really cool performances and had a really good time.

Lucy Vonne: There’s the Exxxotica in Miami you have coming up have you been to that one before?

Lexi Love: I have I had my own booth there last year it was a lot of fun, a lot of really cool people. This year I probably wont have my own booth because I don’t have my website right now but I will be going down there doing something.

Lucy Vonne: When you get your website back is there anything new you want to add to it?

Lexi Love: I’m going to be putting a lot more anal on it, some more crazier scenes and I’m working with different people on it. It was all my ideas before last time but my video guy had more of a say of what would happen. This time it’s going to be all me the was I want it and I don’t have to deal with other people’s opinions. I get to go out and film my fantasies for my website.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anything that you wont do on camera that you just keep personal?

Lexi Love: I wouldn’t say there are things on camera that I keep personal. There are things that I’m not really into. I’m not into DP or double vag or double anal you know just too much dick in one spot. But pretty much everything I do on camera I do at home. I do anal at home I squirt at home I like bondage at home.

Lucy Vonne: Are their any specialties that you do in your videos? I know you do anal and squirt but is there anything you are really known for?

Lexi Love: My butt, I known for my butt.


They Should Have "Saw" This Coming

How stupid can you get. First of all I feel horrible for this woman but to know that she agreed to this is messed up. TheBaynet.com is reporting that on March 9th 911 got a phone call that a woman was seriously injured. How was she injured you ask. Her and her man friend decided it would be a good idea to put a dildo on the end of a saber saw blade and use it as a sex toy. Surprise surprise the saw cut through the dildo and seriously injured the woman. The woman was brought to the hospital and there is no word at this time on her condition.

What the hell were they thinking. Who in their right mind would think that this was a good idea. I have come across some halfwits before but these two are far beyond that. Yeah they have toys out there that have a dildo on a power tool but those are specially made. All I can say right now is what the fuck!

(Source: TheBaynet.com)

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Wind Up Toys Not Just For Kids

Wind up toys were always a big thing when I was a little kid. Especially setting them all of at the same time and watching them run into each other. I don't know if that will apply to this situation but you still get to enjoy the wind up fun. Introducing Earth Angel, the worlds first ever green technology sex toy. While other toys claim to be green because they recharge they still have an internal battery. The Earth Angel never needs a battery because it contains a patented power core.

This is the first product from the family owned company Caden Enterprises. Run by husband and wife team Chris and Janice in Ireland, this toy has been in the works for the past two years. They like to think of it as an angel to the earth, hence the name. they wanted to introduce a toy that would be appealing to people in every demographic. The toy and package are made of 100% recycled materials. In staying with the concept of being simple, elegant and good for the earth they only produce the toy in white measuring 8" long.

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The best part of the toy is the wind up concept. On the base of the toy is a small flip handle that pops out and you turn clockwise. Don't worry you won't wear yourself out from winding it up and have no energy to really play with it. With only a few minutes of crank turning you fill up around half of the power cell. That is enough for around 30 minutes of vibration that ranges from soft to intense. Any energy that you don't use gets stored in the power core for next time. The is also an indicator light to let you know the power is getting low you need to do some more cranking.

However if you are in really bad shape and can't find it in you to crank the handle you can plug the toy into your USB port to get energy. But if that's the case then I don't see how you will even find it in you to masturbate. Me on the other hand, I can always find it in me to masturbate. I'm curious about how loud the toy is and if it makes noise while you crank it. But think of how you would be helping the environment by owning a green toy. Even small changes like switching to a green vibrator can make a difference in the long run. You can even recycle your old vibrator if you decide to go green with the Earth Angel.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Vampire Gloves

Working at The Pleasure Chest I have found so many new things that I like. The other day we got a shipment from Kinklab with some surprisingly wonderful things in them. They are called vampire gloves and I want three pairs. Made out of a soft black leather with a snap closure at the wrist for form fitting. Covering the fingers and sometimes the palms are dozens of small steel tacks.

Used for sensory play the tacks provide a tickle and sensation so wonderful I was amazed. They are not made for puncturing the skin, but you will if you slap or squeeze your partner. I personally wouldn't get that rough with them but they do feel wonderful. Every time one of my friends comes to visit me at work I show them the gloves and I have gotten everyone wanting them. I never thought lightly maneuvering sharps tacks on myself would feel so good and arousing. I even had them run along my lower back and I got shivers all over.

They are made in your regular sizes of S, M, L, and XL. I will probably end up getting a pair or two. I will need to have an extra pair because my roommate has become quite fond of them too and I don't want her stealing mine. Although I don't think they will be something to whip out on the first date. They might have to be saved for a special occasion and I would have to make sure I wouldn't end up scaring the guy. These would have been great back in the day when it was custom to slap your enemy with your glove. I really think we should bring that back.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn has impressed me with his amazing body for being over 40 years old. Born in New Jersey he was always very athletic while growing up. After he lost his virginity at the age of 17 he loved sex and couldn't get enough. He was noticed after entering a hot body contest at a bar and began dancing after that for many years. Like many of the male porn stars out there he got into the business by way of a girlfriend. Brad Armstrong gave him his very first break.

Since then Tommy has been a huge asset to the world of porn. He has starred in numerous award winning films and has won many awards himself. He is the first man in AVN history to win Best Male Newcomer and go on to win Male Performer of the Year. He continues to do amazing work and bed some of the best talent out there. I must say he has some pretty good acting skills too.

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He has the body of a god. I actually saw him in person when I was at the Exxxotica Convention in Jersey this past September. He is built, like he would hug me and break me. You could probably bounce a quarter off any part of his body especially his butt which is rather nice. He lifts girls up all the time and puts them in all sorts of positions. My only complaint is I would like one day to see him with no gel in his hair.

Also nice is his penis. And it just so happens that they sell a dildo replica of Tommy's cock. Measuring in at 9" high and a 2" girth. It has realistic veins and a suction cup base for easy riding fun. It's not often you see the straight male porn stars getting their own dildos so he is ahead of the rest of them. It also comes with Tommy Gunn trading cards which they should make for all male porn stars. I would collect all of those.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big Foot Toy Case

I find it funny that toy companies make toy cases that hold maybe one vibrator and that's it. What are the people who own a whole lot more then that supposed to do. Realistically you can turn anything into a toy case. My current toy case used to be my very large make-up case. It does a pretty good job, but recently with all the free stuff I have been getting I might need to upgrade to a toy trunk.

The company For Your Nymphomation has come out with their latest toy case which they call "the clown car of toy cases." Called The Big Foot it measures in at 12"x5"x5" and was inspired by the Fleshlight and that nothing out there was big enough to carry it. But it's not only for that, ladies you can fit a whole bunch of your goodies in there and always be ready to travel. Even great for shoes and toiletries. 

There are two nylon pockets with elastic closures to keep smaller trinkets. On each side on the inside are elastic loops mean to keep your lube and oils positioned upright so they won't spill. But don't fret if it does because it's very easy to clean. The Big Foot is lined with washable water-resistant nylon that cleans easily with soap and water. It comes in red patent, black and purple faux leather.

It's very discrete so you won't be scared to keep it by your bed. No one will have any idea what it is. And if they do it's only because they have one. At the rate I'm getting stuff trunks won't even hold it. I'm going to need a playroom. That's not a bad idea. 

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sexy Blogtime’s Porn Stud of the Week MR.PETE Receives X.R.C.O. Award Nomination!

This press release went out this morning and all I have to say is HOLY SHIT.

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Hot on the heels of becoming Porn Stud of the Week, Adult Entertainment Superstar Mr. Pete lands a 2009 X-Rated Critics Organization award nomination!

For Immediate Release: March 4th, 2009

(Hollywood, CA) Mr. Pete has been one of the adult industry’s intense and respected talents. A noted performer and director, Pete’s career spans almost a decade. He’s established a reputation for not only giving his hardcore best but bringing out the nasty side of his sultry co-stars. His chemistry with superstar performer Teagan Presley has led Pete to a 2009 X.R.C.O. award nomination! Pete and Presley are currently in the running to take home a Best On-Screen Chemistry trophy at the April 16th award show. 

Teagan is a great performer and we really do have that chemistry that produces a great scene,” said Pete. “When you can get two people together, who can get into the zone and bring the enthusiasm, the scene can be intense. That’s what happens when Teagan and I do a scene together. I am thankful for the X.R.C.O. to recognize that and have nominated us.”

The X.R.C.O. is not the only one to recognize Pete’s talents; recently Sexy Blogtime named Mr. Pete their Porn Stud of The Week. In an interview with adult movie reviewer Lucy Vonne, Pete talks about his exciting time in adult, some of his memorable sex scenes, what it’s like to have a porn star girlfriend and his thoughts on directing. The in-depth interview can be read here: 

Currently Pete can also be found sexing up the hottest XXX starlets in such high profile DVDs like Digital Playground’s highly anticipated Nurses, Diabolic Video’s 1 On 1 #3 and the new movie from Wicked Pictures, Whack Job. Whack Job arrives on DVD March 11th and is noted as Pete proves again that he can handle more than Gonzo sex scenes and excels at delivering dialogue in Features as well. 

The charismatic Mr. Pete’s on-screen coupling with the stunning Teagan Presley scores an X.R.C.O. award nomination! For the intensity those two bring, a Best On-Screen Chemistry win is virtually a lock! 

For More Mr. Pete, please visit Myspace.com/MrPetexxx

To interview Mr. Pete for your Website or Publication,
please contact Alexander (Monstar) Raymond

Mr. Pete is Represented by:
L.A. Direct Models

A press release by


Screw Rules

Check out my latest blog on Club Double D entitled "Screw Rules."


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pjur Wipes & Spray

Germs are no fun and can put a damper on sexual fun. It's always very important to clean all your sex toys and materials after use. Soap and water aren't always enough and may not kill all the bad stuff. Lots of materials are not compatible with alcohol and its not safe your body. Plus what if your roommates are home and you don't want be wandering around with all your toys in hand on the way to clean them. I typically do anyways, my roommate doesn't mind. So what's a girl to do?

The makers of Pjur have developed Personal Spray Lotion and Moist Towlettes for your cleaning needs. They are the first anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral hygiene aids on the market. They are so gentle that you can also use them on yourself and it's safe on all skin types; dermatologist tested even. No more grabbing whatever is around you and creating more laundry that I don't have time to do.

They have a guard against the spread of infection and disease having an intensive antimicrobial effect against bacteria, fungal infections and viruses. Neutral to taste and smell is a great quality. Alcohol frees its safe for all materials including latex, rubber and silicone. They really do make life easier.

Just remember that these do not take the place of condoms. I know you hate them but condoms are an important factor.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sparkly Glass Toys Make Me Smile

I was very lucky with all the fantastic birthday presents I got this year. One of my favorites was my new glass piece from Phallix. Courtesy of my friend who surprised me with it at work and I couldn't stop jumping up and down I was so excited. I have had my eye on it since it came in but because of little funds had to hold off on it. 

The piece is called the Dichroic Caterpillar G-Spot Shaft and is absolutely beautiful. I want to leave it out on display it's so pretty. It measures in at 7 inches in length with girth that ranges from 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches. Just below the head it has a ribbed pattern that feels oh so nice. 

The design is multi-colored and includes some sparkling dichroic in between creating a spiral. Dichroic was originally made by NASA  for spacesuit visors. It's a glass containing multiple micro layers of metal oxides which gives the glass dichroic optical properties. 

It's really a gorgeous piece and hits all the right spots. Plus did I mention it's sparkly, how could I not love it. 

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