Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vermont Country Store Hearts Sex Toys

Last summer the people at the longtime catalog The Vermont Country Store thought it would be a good idea to add some interesting new items to their catalog along side the penny candy and flannel pajamas. They started the Intimate Solutions section that sells vibrators, kegel exercisers and sexual educational videos for those over 40. However not all their customers were too keen on the idea and it has started a uproar. To read the complete article click here.

We got this magazine at work awhile ago and I giggled when I opened up to that section of the catalog. Right next to my favorite candy as a kid are my new favorite toys as an adult. I also find this really funny because my grandmother gets this magazine and we actually had a discussion about this section last time I was at her house. She thinks it's a wonderful idea because where else are the people who are in the middle of nowhere going to get these things.

I hope they decide to keep this section and not let a few uptight people end something that could be really great for them.

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as usual brillant journalism love momxo