Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tenga Egg for Men

These days vibrators come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Not every women wants a penis shaped one. Well now someone has used that theory with masturbation toys for men. The Tenga Egg is basically what it sounds like. An egg shaped sleeve for men to pleasure themselves with. Wrapped up like Cadbury Eggs they come in packs of six. Not intended for more then one use it provides a ribbed inside for one to play with, it even comes with it's own lube.

I think they should make a sleeve out of a Tonka Truck. All boys like Tonka Trucks or robots. You could leave it right on your shelf and no one would know what it was. Whenever you need it you can quickly grab it. That's why my Gigi is by my bed. Someone actually thought it was for my Nintendo Wii the other day. If only, that would be an awesome game. Check out the video below to check out the Tenga Egg in action.

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Personally, I feel there's a lot more classic toys out there that men can enjoy.

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