Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jimmy Jane Form 6

This year for my birthday my friends at work gave me the greatest gift of all, orgasms. Actually the second greatest gift because the first would be Jean Val Jean. I have been dying to get the Form 6 forever ever since the generation 2 came out, and they presented me with the blue one this past week. I literally had a freak out and jumped up and down like a crazy person I was so excited. Of course I put it to use as soon as I could.

Click read more to see what vagina thinks of it.

Thankfully Jimmy Jane came out with the generation 2 because I was not too fond of the first generation. They have updated it nicely to make it a fantastic addition to my collection. It is still made of phthalate-free medical grade silicone and metal. But they have eliminated the buttons and the base is now smooth. It contains dual motors that can be changed separately and 6 vibration modes. It's 7 inches long and at it's widest point is 1.75 inches.

It comes in four colors; plum, slate, pink and my new friend blue. It is completely rechargeable which makes life easier. But I do need more plugs for all my chargers now. I have to make sure they are all ready to go at a moments notice. It's made with a high-capacity lithium ion battery. It charges in this great little box that can also be used for storage and travel.

It is the only rechargeable and submergible vibrator in the world. A lot of toys out there claim they are waterproof but they are not. At the most they are splash proof and should never be submerged under water. But Jimmy here is and I decided to take it into the shower with me this morning. Let's just say I had turned into a prune by the time I got out of the shower. Um this toy is great. 

It's a little louder then I would like but I have been spoiled with how quiet my Lelo toys are. I might have to wait until my roommate isn't home to use my Form 6.  It's great for internal and external use and if you angle it just right it will hit your g spot.

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The Pleasurist said...

I love the way these things look. Just gorgeous.

Great review, BTW.