Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IBoob Speakers

Let's face it, who doesn't like breasts. Even all my gay male friends find them fascinating and love to play with them. This includes swatting at mine while we are at work in front of customers. Breasts are fun and breasts that play music are even more fun. IBoobs are every teenage boys fantasy.

Made of a soft plushy material that feels almost velvet like. IBoobs are perfect for you next party or nap. You are able to plug anything from your mp3 player to television into them. They only come is one size which is a double J, big enough for any one to snuggle with. It runs on AA batteries so you can bring it anywhere with you. They look so comfortable that I want one.

I hope they follow this up with testicle speakers or even plushy penis speakers. It could be like a full body pillow. My mom's birthday is coming up.....

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