Monday, February 23, 2009

Balla Powder

Men you should always be prepared for the ladies, or the men whichever you prefer. You should make sure you friend down there is always ready for a playdate because you never know what the day may bring. Nothing is worse then a guy who doesn't know how to keep it clean down there. Men it isn't that hard, but now there is something to give you that extra feeling of clean and dryness.

Balls sticking to your leg? Getting a little sweaty down there from sitting in an office all day? Well men this is the product for you. Balla Powder is basically a macho version of baby powder with manly scents and cool looking bottles. Branded as the "ultimate men's anti-wetness solution," it's designed to keep your bad boys fresh, clean and dry all day long. Don't feel you need to stop there you can use it all over.

It comes in three different kinds. Original has a oak/musk scent with a silky feel. Tingle has a minty smell with a cool tingling sensation. Fragrance free gives you that extra dry feel. Your little friends will be safe, Balla Powder contains non-asbestiform talc that does not contain carcinogenic asbestos fibers.

So men make the ladies even more delighted to unbutton your pants and give her a dry and sweet smelling surprise. I love surprises!

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