Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Naughty Birthday Presents for Me!

I haven't been big on my birthday since my brother died, I just felt kind of guilty. But I'm learning to get over that and he would want me to have a blast and have fun. So in the spirit of that I'm getting back into the swing of things. Today is my 25th birthday and I'm going to be happy about it. Now to fully do this you all should buy me birthday presents. Not sure what to get me, well lucky for you I have put together a list of 25 naughty things that I want. Click read more to start your shopping list.

1. If I were to only get on thing then it should be Jean Val Jean naked in my bed. I heart him! If you can't find the real him then I can settle with a cardboard cut out of him.

2. The We-Vibe, but I also need someone to try this out on so please present a hot tattooed man with the We-Vibe when you give it to me.

3. Pay for me to hang out at the Bunny Ranch. I don't want to sleep with any of the hookers but I really want to just hang out there for a day or two and make friends. Also I can give some of them makeovers because they really need some help with their looks.

4. The Jimmy Jane Form 6 in blue. I can never have too many toys. Plus I don't have a waterproof toy and this one is completely submergible.

5. After my first glass toy from Phallix I'm hooked and want more. This g spot one is so pretty I need it.

6. The Zeppelin from Liberator. Basically it is a giant bean bag that you can have sex on. But I would just put it in my living room to hang out on.

7. A few bottles of Patron. Now I know this isn't really naughty but give me tequila and I do naughty things to people.

8. The Butterfly from Vibratex. I really need a dual vibrator and this is the top of the line. But it's noisy so either my roommate won't sleep at night or I have to wait till she is gone to use it.

9. A two hour massage with a happy ending from a hot tattooed man.

10. More porn, I always need porn. But you should check with me before you get a certain title because I do have A LOT!

11. X-ray vision so I can look at guys naked all day long. But the ability to only use it when I see a hot guy. Because I may give myself a stroke with some ugly ones.

12. Tickets to next years AVN awards show and convention. I'll let you come with me.

13. I really must stress Jean Val Jean. I orgasm just looking at him.

14. As you know I like when guys take control. How about tying my up with pearl restraints. And when we are done in the bedroom I can wear them as a necklace when we go to dinner.

15. A really good whip, I have to be prepared for anything. The ones from Shiri Zinn are gorgeous and I want all of them. I need one to go with every outfit.

16. Also Shiri Zinn has the most amazing glass toys. They really look like works or art. I would even frame them and put them on display.

17. A bronze sculpture of a penis, now I'm thinking classy.

18. A pearl thong is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Plus I want to see if I can walk around in them all day and if they really work.

19. Seriously Jean Val Jean

20. Sound proofing for my room. my roommate and I share a wall, let's just say she might know what I like by now.

21. Platinum and diamonds go really well together and would go nicely in my vagina. Jimmy Jane makes the Little Something with those qualities. Only the best for my vagina.

22. Cooking with Semen cookbook just to freak people out.

23. My own personalized condoms that say Sexy Blogtime! on them. I've got to promote myself. How else will I become the next Sue Johanson.

24. My very own unicorn. Nothing naughty about this but I really really want one.

25. Jean Val Jean.

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