Saturday, February 28, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Manuel Ferrara

As you know men who have accents make me go weak in the knees. Manuel Ferrara here has a quite lovely one. Born and raised in France he got into the business after winning a competition in 1997. He started his career in European movies and made his American debut in Fashionistas. After that 
he was known as Rocco Siffredi's protege. Since then he has continued to preform in both European and American porn.

Hot doesn't even describe it. He is so amazingly gorgeous and rugged. Plus the fact that he likes to get dirty and rough really turns me on. A great head of hair that would be perfect to pull and grab onto. He has bedded some of the hottest ladies and they all can't get enough and want more.

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He quickly moved into not only performing but also directing for Evil Angel after being with Red Light District. His specialty is his love of anal and directing style of gonzo. He has gained a huge following of not only fans but ladies in the biz who want to master his giant penis. I'm not joking around when I say it's large, that's one of things he's known for and also being uncut. The girth of his penis has been compared to a beer can. All I can say is yes please.

Sadly ladies he is taken. He is married to fellow porn actress Dana Vespoli and together they have a son. But that hasn't stopped him from becoming one of the most sought after performers in the business today. He has over a dozen AVN and XRCO awards including a few Performer of the Year titles.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Does Cheating Do A Marriage Good?

Details came to me and asked my opinion on an interesting subject that Aaron Gell just wrote an article about for them. First of all can we just take a moment and talk about how amazingly awesome it is that the people from Details emailed me about this. Before you know it I will be everywhere, it's all part of my evil/sexual plan. But back to the article. Family Affair is a feature article this month dealing with extra marital affairs and whether it really does help a marriage become stronger and last.

Reasons for needing to fool around are not all the same. One couple who got married to young never got the change to be with many people and want to know what that's like. Others feel they need a change or aren't getting their sexual needs met at home but don't want to end their relationship with their significant other. But is cheating really the right answer or is it a quick and simple way of not dealing with actual problems you may need to fix?

I'm never one to judge another person and what they do with their sex life, I deal with enough of that myself. I know everyone is into different things and deals with situations differently. This article is no different. If you and your spouse are fine with an arrangement like this then why not. For a lot of the couples mentioned sex outside the marriage was not big deal, the only thing that did worry them is emotional connections. Affairs range from one night stands to only people they have dated.

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None of the couples are dating or having relationships outside the marriage it's only sex. The practice of swinging has been around for ages. What once was all underground at secret clubs is now all out in the open and has even spawned television shows about the subject. For some it really has saved their marriage and brought them closer. For others it could do more damage then good. To be able to handle this situation you would need to be a very secure and strong couple.

Both partners should be onboard 100%. It makes me wonder if all the people involved are really alright with their arrangement or are simply going along with it out of fear if they didn't they would lose their other half for good. I'm not an advocate of cheating in the least bit, that is when the other person doesn't know about it. But if both of the people are comfortable with it then I say why not. Like I said before everyone handles their problems in all sorts of ways. For some cheating is the answer they are looking for.

I could never do this. I have been in situations in the past where I was not the only woman. All people involved knew but that didn't mean I was completely ok with it. It was not a serious relationship at all which is why I was not too concerned. But if I was in a serious relationship I would only want to be with that person and they should feel the same. I am way too insecure to deal with a situation like that and it would drive me crazy. Call me old fashioned if you want but when I find that man I want to marry I only want to be with him. (And Jean Val Jean)

Knowing that my partner was not getting the sexual satisfaction he needed from me would be a problem we would need to fix and not by just adding other people. However I don't see that ever happening with me because I always want sex and I am pretty much willing to try just about anything. The only problem I would have is over sexing my man. I'm talking my perfect situation would be everyday sometimes more then once. What can I say I like sex.

So take a look at the article and let me know what you think about it. Is this something for you or to each his own? Do you think this really can save a marriage?


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

L'Essence Du Boudoir

The lovely ladies from Bijoux Indiscrets sent me this perfume to try. However it's not for my body but my bed sheets. Marketed as the fragrance the invites one to discover pleasure though the most sensual of senses, smell. It is a combo of rose, jasmine, Ylang-ylang, wood and exotic spices. I'm all for anything that will entice the men to my bedroom. Why do you think I have Nintendo.....

The presentation is beautiful. The bottle is elegant and it comes with the classic pump used to spray the fragrance. Although I did love the look of the pump the perfume leaked out of it. I'm not sure if it was just my bottle or it will happen with all. I did enjoy the smell of it, but Brandon claimed it smelled like his grandmother. My roommate enjoyed the scent also and we both agreed it has a sensual scent and feel to it. It may not turn you man into a romantic softy but it will help to bring out the sensual being inside of you.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Balla Powder

Men you should always be prepared for the ladies, or the men whichever you prefer. You should make sure you friend down there is always ready for a playdate because you never know what the day may bring. Nothing is worse then a guy who doesn't know how to keep it clean down there. Men it isn't that hard, but now there is something to give you that extra feeling of clean and dryness.

Balls sticking to your leg? Getting a little sweaty down there from sitting in an office all day? Well men this is the product for you. Balla Powder is basically a macho version of baby powder with manly scents and cool looking bottles. Branded as the "ultimate men's anti-wetness solution," it's designed to keep your bad boys fresh, clean and dry all day long. Don't feel you need to stop there you can use it all over.

It comes in three different kinds. Original has a oak/musk scent with a silky feel. Tingle has a minty smell with a cool tingling sensation. Fragrance free gives you that extra dry feel. Your little friends will be safe, Balla Powder contains non-asbestiform talc that does not contain carcinogenic asbestos fibers.

So men make the ladies even more delighted to unbutton your pants and give her a dry and sweet smelling surprise. I love surprises!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Minority Rules 4 Review

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Mr. Pete

This time around I squealed with delight when I got to chat it up with this week's porn stud Mr. Pete. He was very sweet and a delight to talk to. I'm  not going to lie I was a little flustered when I got off the phone with him. Mr. Pete Has been in the business for quite a while and has a large number of movies under his belt. He has this grin that makes you think he's up to something naughty. With a hot body and a nicely sized penis, I'm sure he will be around for quite some time. 

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Lucy Vonne- How did you get into the porn business?

Mr. Pete- I worked in Vegas at a strip club slash book store and met a girl who was feature dancing her name was Capri Cameron and she got me in the business years ago like in ‘99.

Lucy Vonne- What made you want to move into the directing aspect?

Mr. Pete- Well you know I’m just trying to develop my craft…I incorporate hard core and gonzo the stuff that I already do is kind of my nitch.

Lucy Vonne- Do enjoy directing more or performing more?

Mr. Pete- I love performing more.

Lucy Vonne- Do you think it’s easier directing scenes because you are a performers or is there anything that helps you do that?

Mr. Pete- It definitely helps to be in the field. So working every day I got to shoot for some great people and I watch everybody. I’m constantly paying attention to details. It definitely helps to perform you will see it in your directing. Cause you know what’s good and what’s bad

Lucy Vonne- Do you have any actresses you prefer to work with or really enjoy working with?

Mr. Pete- Wow I like Sasha Grey and Alexis Texas. I recently worked with and old school girl Tabitha Stevens and course everybody knows who that is she was amazing. Tiffany Minx, if I’m forgetting names I don’t want any of the girls to kill me but there’s a lot of great ones.

Lucy Vonne- Do you have any signature moves or specialties that you try to do in your scenes?

Mr. Pete- Well I have the ability to make the girls squirt so I guess 
that’s a skill.

Lucy Vonne- Do you ever think one day it’s going to be the male porn stars on the boxes trying to sell the movies to

Mr. Pete- I think the selling point is the women. If we put us on the box we’re missing the whole point of the movie. It’s always about the girls. The guys help out the scene and what not but the women are what sell porn. I think they should have the limelight.

Lucy Vonne
- Now I recently saw you in the trailer for Nurses from Digital Playground, how was that experience? Have you worked for them before or was that your first time?

Mr. Pete- I’ve worked with them many times. It’s fun doing if for Robby D. the director. He’s like one of the best directors in this day of porn and this day in age so it’s always good to be on his set.

Lucy Vonne- Did you pick any pointers from him in terms of directing?

Mr. Pete- Well he’s very detailed he’s elaborate. So I pay attention to him but I don’t al
ways get where he’s going but he obviously does and 
he knows what he’s doing.

Lucy Vonne- Is there anything you would like to say to your female fans out there?

Mr. Pete- Oh man please keep watching. I work hard and more so for the ladies then the gentlemen. I love the women please keep watching and they can send me emails or Myspace messages. My email for the ladies is and my Myspace is mrpetexxx so you can look me up like that but keep watching.

Lucy Vonne- Are you dating anyone right now?

Mr. Pete- I do have a girlfriend.

Lucy Vonne- Is she in the business also?

Mr. Pete- She is her name is Alexis Texas.
Lucy Vonne- And you guys are good working together, do you work with other people also I’m sure you do?

Mr. Pete- Oh yeah we work with others.

Lucy Vonne- How is it dating in the porn world do you find it easy?

Mr. Pete- It can be pretty stressful because in the normal world your not having sex with other people for a living and that can be hard mentally sometimes. You know there’s a little jealously once in awhile so yeah it can be difficult. But all in all it’s fun and I love it and she loves it so we wouldn’t change a thing.

Lucy Vonne- Are you happy with how your career is going in this world, would you change anything or do anything different?

Mr. Pete- Definitely, definitely happy but I just want more and more success. I’m hungry, I’m starving like I haven’t eaten.

Lucy Vonne- Do you see yourself staying in this for a long time or maybe just going into directing or still performing?

Mr. Pete- I definitely think I will be in this business until I pass away. In some way or another whether its directing or producing or owning a company I’m pretty much tied to this business, I’m a lifer.

Lucy Vonne- I saw that you used to have a contract with one company to direct for them, do you think you will do that again or just do your own thing?

Mr. Pete- If the opportunity’s right. The economy is kind of bad right now people aren’t excited to spend money. I’ve kind of shined away I’ve had little offers for directing gigs. But I do want something more valuable something that’s going to benefit my career.

Lucy Vonne- Do you like doing things with just scenes or something with a
 story when you direct?

Mr. Pete- It depends on the situation and the girl and if I have any ideas. Like for me with sexual encounters I occasionally, I’ll be in the mall buying jewelry or something and I’ll meet a pretty lady. And something about the encounter is sexy or hot and I think about that. I try to play out my fantasies like that so sometimes there’s story sometimes its just a tease sometimes its me talking to the girl like interviewing.

Lucy Vonne- What are some memorable scenes you have done?

Mr. Pete- I did a movie called Oil Overloaded I think it was number 1 or number 2 I’m sorry I forget. It was a scene with Teagan Presley which was really hot. I was nominated for best anal sex scene me and the young lady. Tabitha Stevens, I did a scene for Mike McCormick from Zero Tolerance and I’m sure that’s going to be coming out in a few months here, she was amazing.

Lucy Vonne- Is there anyone you look up to in the business or go to for advice?

Mr. Pete- I have a few, Manuel Ferrara is kind of a mentor for me and Mike Steffano.

Lucy Vonne- And lastly, What’s your favorite sexual position?

Mr. Pete- Doggy style, reverse cowgirl if the girls into it.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go 2 Review

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chatting with Veronica Rayne

I was lucky to have the opportunity to chat with the lovely Veronica Rayne. She has been in the business for a few years but has recently be creating a lot of buzz with her porn work and mainstream success. Recently Fox aired My Bare Lady 2 which featured the fiery beauty learning how to be a business woman.

Click read more to see my interview Veronica.

Veronica Rayne- So how are you?

Lucy Vonne- I’m good how are you?

Veronica Rayne- I’m very good.

Lucy Vonne- First of all congratulations on your wonderful year.

Veronica Rayne- Oh thank you so much.

Lucy Vonne- Oh your welcome, I watched all of My Bare Lady 2 yesterday. I absolutely loved it! Did you have fun doing it?

Veronica Rayne- I did have fun doing it, I’m not overly thrilled about how they edited a lot of it. They had to pick at least one person and that was me.

Lucy Vonne- How do you feel they portrayed you on the show? Would you like to clear anything up because I know with reality television they kind of edit it a certain way.

Veronica Rayne- It is what it is and a lot of it wasn’t so much that I didn’t say it, it was the way they clipped it and they way they portrayed it and lot of the time they were feeding us lines. Or they would say oh lead in with this line to follow up with this to make it explain why you’re saying it and I just wouldn’t do that. And a lot of the times how they cut it and edited it I was getting angry because what they were doing to another girl or the situation or they had said that something was going to happen and it didn’t. You know they were being understanding on their end. And you know whatever, they did it they way that they did it, cut it the way that they cut it and that’s the reality when you do reality television.

Lucy Vonne- Now who’s idea was it to do the show? Did they come to you or was it something you expressed interest in?

Veronica Rayne- No they actually came to me. I got a call from a friend they said they were doing casting in his office and said “Hey they are really interested in you and do you want to do it?” At first I was very reluctant and I almost canceled out and then they kind of said this would be really good for you and we really want you so then I decided why not.

Lucy Vonne- Do you keep in touch with any of the girls from the show? I know you were close with Brooke Haven.

Veronica Rayne- Yeah she’s actually my best friend. I had known her before and we were very friendly but then we became very close and ever since April we’ve literally been inseparable so that was a good thing out of it.

Lucy Vonne- After the experience with My Bare Lady 2 do you think you’d do another reality show?

Veronica Rayne- Now that I know to expect yes I would do one. But I would have to have a lot of control over it, get paid this time definitely, because it took a big chunk out of my life. They kept me seven miles away from Jack and were literally telling me I couldn’t go home and spend the night with him. You can’t really do that to someone after being with someone for so long, it was a very emotional time for me. Definitely I think if I had a lot more control over it creativity wise. And I think they could have gone in a different direction and they didn’t. Not to sound shallow but I really wouldn’t do it unless I was getting paid or unless my finances were being taken care of. They weren’t taking care of our finances while we were doing that whole thing at all.

Lucy Vonne- If you were put in charge in the last challenge when you guys ran the furniture business what would you have done differently?

Veronica Rayne- I would have definitely sat down and not resented the owners so much as Casey did. I actually liked her a lot. I mean she pissed me off towards the end because that day when I was running around and I was getting all the booze and everything we had actually gone over everything with her. So for her to complain like that was difficult. One of those summer days, you got to remember we filmed this back in April a lot of people aren’t realizing that. It was well into May, we filmed it from April 20th to May 20th and it was probably 120 degrees out that day. Before we came in she complained about everything. But I would of listened to the owner more, sat down with the owner more. Not worried so much about proving myself as much as I think Casey needed or felt like she had to do. But definitely would have tapped different resources and stuff like that. The first couple of days she acted like a giggly kid and when she realized that wasn’t working she switched gears. Honestly I think that she was verbally going after me because I think she kind of felt like I should have done that, I should have been the boss. It was kind of funny because at the end of the week, which of course they didn’t air, the girls were like we should have picked you that was a mistake. I think her hearing that which she did hear that, which of course again they failed to show, I think that affected her a lot and I did feel bad. But I would have listened to the owner more. I would have cowered the neighborhood more. I would have seen what kind of businesses were opening up in the area and see if we could get some of out furniture in there. The window display was actually my idea I was actually in charge of it. Then Casey kind of pushed me off. I would of actually polled my team and found out what areas they felt best at. Brooke is an amazing amazing, I call her my little pen pal, I mean she’s such a great net worker I would have put her in that area. Sunny was creative on the Internet side, which I actually thought our fliers were good. But I would of sat her down and had her meet with the owner and see what they wanted so it wasn’t such a debacle with the fliers. I think she just didn’t know what she was doing. She was a kid and that’s ok you know at 21 years old I didn’t know what I was doing either.

Lucy Vonne- Is there anything that you learned, business lessons that you’ve taken away and applied to your job right now or life right now?

Veronica Rayne- It showed me I could follow through with things. Normally I was raised to work really hard but if I wasn’t happy doing it or it was upsetting me my mom was insistent, you know my mom is obviously still alive but she was such a great mother and still is. That she would turn around and say oh you know you don’t have to do this you tried your best and its not making you happy so you can walk away from it. Where that kind of carried through my whole life which isn’t a good thing. I never had to really follow through with anything as long as I tried really hard at it I was allowed to walk away if it wasn’t making me happy. Where as with the show I had to stick with it, I had to go with it. So it kind of shows me that even when things get really rough or I’m not happy or I don’t want to do something I can trudge through it and I can do it.

Lucy Vonne- I heard you go into porn because you met Ron Jeremy at a strip club is that true?

Veronica Rayne- No not at all. I was actually working at a bar in Boston and things had started changing in ways I didn’t really agree with so I became a bartender in a strip club and then became a dancer. And I switched over to another strip club, which was actually one of the top strip clubs in Boston. It was more of like a gentleman’s club with full-blown outfits and choreographed dancing on the stage not just bikinis and stripping it off. Ronnie actually did his Christmas party at our club and I chatted with him and he said if you’re ever in LA and wanna do porn give me a call and I started laughing. I ended up moving to phoenix with my fiancé and one thing led to another and I said well why don’t we try this. I actually called Ronnie and didn’t know if he would remember me or remember giving me his number. We have been really close friends since then and he gave me a name of an agent and said this a really good guy a good agent and I’ve actually been with the same agent for about 4 years now.

Lucy Vonne-and you guys are married now right?

Veronica Rayne- We’ve been together ten years. We’re not legally married on paper but there’s a ring and after ten years it’s a matter of just signing the documents and we’re taking care of that I think its just more of a timing thing.

Lucy Vonne- Was he reluctant at all to jump into this business or behind you all the way?

Veronica Rayne- No not at all. He does it with me; he’s an actor and a director so we always do things together as a team. Of course I started and it’s harder for male actors to rise in the business faster then females so he started at the same time as me and then maybe started doing it full time about 6 months after I did.

Lucy Vonne- Did you ever discuss only performing together because I know some couples will just work with each other.

Veronica Rayne- No I mean it’s no offensive to anyone who does do that, I totally respect his or her decision. But I mean your not really doing porn. Your having sex with your husband and your boyfriend and your just doing it on camera. I mean at that point you might as well make a home video or start a website and keep all the money yourself. You know I mean it’s like I said there’s no offense to anyone who does do that or chooses to do that. You have to be ok with what you do on camera. I mean me and Jack just discussed it and of course there are boundaries but no we never you’re only going to work with me and I’m only going to work with you it was never a question.

Lucy Vonne- What kind of advice can you give to other couples who decide to get into porn together?

Veronica Rayne- Be really honest with your partner and make sure somebody’s not just saying the word ok or I don’t mind and they really do. Make sure you guys discuss all your boundaries first and not break them and just have a lot of respect for each other as a couple. And also keep it very very separate. You know I mean there are certain things that I will do on camera and there are certain things Jack will do on camera and there’s things that we won’t do on camera that we do in privacy. You have to keep a separate life you can’t just be your character at home as much as you want, I mean I’m very much a wife at home I cook I clean I take my dogs out and do laundry and do everything like that, its very normal. And when I’m on set I have my makeup done and I have coffee brought to me and water and you know a little more babied. But keep it very honest, make sure your both doing it or if one of you is doing it and just.... honesty honesty honesty, because the minute one of you starts lying its just going to get out of control and it does effect your performance and it also effects how people feel about working with you.

Lucy Vonne- Can you guys watch each other on set or do you watch each others scens do you have issues with that?

Veronica Rayne- Jack actually watches my stuff when I’m out of town. Which I love the fact that he does that, um I don’t mind it if he’s on set. I mean I don’t think really anybody should be watching your scenes when you’re on set. I think it’s a privacy issue. I have a closed set policy and so does Jack. It’s not you know neither one of us do it to get off, we do it cause we enjoy sex and its our profession. It’s not to take out some weird fantasy we have on each other. So I don’t really watch his scenes. We have been involved in group scenes together. I will actually glance over and I actually get more distracted cause I wanna see like what’s he doing. Or you know it’s more of a funny thing because we all are friends in the industry and it is a very close knit family. I actually like getting calls from girls saying oh my god Jack was so great on set today and he’s no nice and what a great performer, to me that makes me proud as a wife you know that he would be respectful of women

Lucy Vonne- Have you ever thought about jumping in the directors’ chair yourself?

Veronica Rayne- I have, I actually got to semi direct. It wasn’t expected or anything like that. The director was getting a little frustrated with the female performer I was working with and he actually said to me can you handle this can you direct this cause I really can’t handle her. I was kind of shocked but then I was like yeah no problem. So it was a girl/girl scene, which I very rarely do, and it was kind of nice knowing he had that much trust in me. And it came out really well, it was actually really hot and sexy and pretty and it was actually something how I would direct for my website. I direct all my own scenes.

Lucy Vonne- You just launched your website recently how’s that going?

Veronica Rayne- It’s going very very well, I wish I had more time to work on it. I’m hoping in March I will so I try to upload as much as possible and galleries and blogs and everything. I always get back to my fans with messages I’m hoping in March when my schedule slows down a little bit I’ll be able to do it much faster.

Lucy Vonne- Did you ever think you would be nominated for an award such as the cross over award?

Veronica Rayne- You know what I never did and I was so proud of that nomination this year. I didn’t win but that’s ok you know I was honored being nominated for that. Next year maybe a couple more of my things will be out then just film so that might have a little bit of a difference with the winning a nomination. But I’m really really very proud of the nomination.

Lucy Vonne- Along the lines of that you have a part in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

Veronica Rayne- Yes I do.

Lucy Vonne- Have you started filming that yet?

Veronica Rayne- We already filmed it, it’s already done and it should be out this summer in theaters.

Lucy Vonne- Can you tell me about your character?

Veronica Rayne- I cant really talk about it because it’s not out yet and I think Tucker would be a little mad. He actually is a little upset it got out that Traci Lords was in it. So I actually talked to him and he asked me to keep things quiet cause everybody starts talking about it before the previews even come out then it ruins it. But I had a lot of fun making it.

Lucy Vonne- Do you think you will do other mainstream movies after this?

Veronica Rayne- Yeah absolutely, I mean I have the reality show I have the mainstream movie I’ve been in a Motley Crue video. I was also in Spring Break 83, which is hopefully going to be out this summer, which is with Jamie Kennedy. I mean I’ve done a lot it just hasn’t aired yet like Katie Morgan’s did so I think that was the big deciding factor on who won and who didn’t. But that’s ok there’s always next year. I love mainstream and you know hopefully have the opportunity to do a lot more.

Lucy Vonne- Are there any upcoming projects your doing you’re really excited about?

Veronica Rayne- Whack Off from Wicked Pictures just came out. I play Gina the mob boss. Well actually that comes out in March, so I was actually really excited about that. And I like that Stormy trusts me with parts and I like that she writes things for people so she doesn’t just throw people in places. Also there’s my website and stuff and doing a lot of appearances and signings and things of that nature.

Lucy Vonne- How do you feel about porn becoming more accepted in mainstream or in the general audience and it being ok?

Veronica Rayne- I’m thrilled with it. I mean honestly I think it’s about time. I honestly feel that in a lot of mainstream movies they show nudity and they show sex. You know maybe its not hardcore but there is a new movie that just came out my 3D Bloody Valentine and there was a full frontal on a girl and it was shown in a very gruesome horrible way. And I’m like wow ok they have a problem with porn and that’s kind of crazy to me. And I mean you don’t really hear porn stars getting in trouble with law or getting into these huge custody battles or spending 3 million dollars at a store when our economy is in a recession, you don’t hear any of that. So I think it’s about time that mainstream recognizes us. We have scripts and we have movies just like they do. I mean my last script for Stormy’s movie Whack Job was 32 pages. We have lines and scripts and are on set for 22-25 hours a day sometimes when we are doing a feature. We don’t have a comfy little trailer to sit in and craft services and all this other stuff. I mean we’re actually, I kind of feel like we work a little bit harder. I absolutely think its about time they recognize us and they should allow us in their world and acknowledge us and respect us.

Lucy Vonne- Do you think women are becoming bigger assets in porn then they were before? In the past it’s all been geared towards men, men did this and directed that. I find it becoming more of a women’s world where they direct and such.

Veronica Rayne- I do think its more of a women world. I think that women are becoming more directors, there’s a lot more women directors a lot more women stars and lets face it we are the faces on the box cover we are the faces that sell the movie. I won’t do a video that depicts women or makes them seem trashy or anything like that. So yeah I absolutely feel that it is becoming a women’s world. And there’s a lot more women buying porn and watching porn. I have equal amounts of female fans as I do male so absolutely.

Lucy Vonne- Is there anyone is the business you admire right now or take advice from that’s kind of shown you the way?

Veronica Rayne- You know honestly as far as a female goes, well obviously my best friend Brooke Haven is someone I always turn to for advice in the industry. But also Stormy Daniels as well, she’s been nice to me from the very beginning. Four years ago I was a nobody and she never treated me differently and included me in things. She was the one who actually gave me my first break in a feature film playing Jade in Operation Desert Stormy. And ever since she did that it’s been feature after feature after feature. So I definitely look up to the two of them.

Lucy Vonne- How has your family handled all your success and your job?

Veronica Rayne- My family’s really supportive of course. You know old Italian family they weren’t happy in the beginning when they realized I was doing porn. But they know it hasn’t changed me. I’m still myself I’m not damaged or there isn’t anything wrong with me they didn’t do anything wrong. Also I think when they saw a little bit and they met a couple of my friends. They saw that this was a business; a 4 billion dollar industry that it’s very corporate and its very structured. I just happen to take my clothes off. I think they were a little more understanding I mean they love anything mainstream I do, they love that there all for that they’re like more mainstream you know they were a little sketched when they first found out but they’re ok now

Lucy Vonne- I want to thank you so much.

Veronica Rayne- No thank you so much for interviewing me.

Lucy Vonne- Your welcome and good luck with everything.

Veronica Rayne- Thank you.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jimmy Jane Form 6

This year for my birthday my friends at work gave me the greatest gift of all, orgasms. Actually the second greatest gift because the first would be Jean Val Jean. I have been dying to get the Form 6 forever ever since the generation 2 came out, and they presented me with the blue one this past week. I literally had a freak out and jumped up and down like a crazy person I was so excited. Of course I put it to use as soon as I could.

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Thankfully Jimmy Jane came out with the generation 2 because I was not too fond of the first generation. They have updated it nicely to make it a fantastic addition to my collection. It is still made of phthalate-free medical grade silicone and metal. But they have eliminated the buttons and the base is now smooth. It contains dual motors that can be changed separately and 6 vibration modes. It's 7 inches long and at it's widest point is 1.75 inches.

It comes in four colors; plum, slate, pink and my new friend blue. It is completely rechargeable which makes life easier. But I do need more plugs for all my chargers now. I have to make sure they are all ready to go at a moments notice. It's made with a high-capacity lithium ion battery. It charges in this great little box that can also be used for storage and travel.

It is the only rechargeable and submergible vibrator in the world. A lot of toys out there claim they are waterproof but they are not. At the most they are splash proof and should never be submerged under water. But Jimmy here is and I decided to take it into the shower with me this morning. Let's just say I had turned into a prune by the time I got out of the shower. Um this toy is great. 

It's a little louder then I would like but I have been spoiled with how quiet my Lelo toys are. I might have to wait until my roommate isn't home to use my Form 6.  It's great for internal and external use and if you angle it just right it will hit your g spot.


Vermont Country Store Hearts Sex Toys

Last summer the people at the longtime catalog The Vermont Country Store thought it would be a good idea to add some interesting new items to their catalog along side the penny candy and flannel pajamas. They started the Intimate Solutions section that sells vibrators, kegel exercisers and sexual educational videos for those over 40. However not all their customers were too keen on the idea and it has started a uproar. To read the complete article click here.

We got this magazine at work awhile ago and I giggled when I opened up to that section of the catalog. Right next to my favorite candy as a kid are my new favorite toys as an adult. I also find this really funny because my grandmother gets this magazine and we actually had a discussion about this section last time I was at her house. She thinks it's a wonderful idea because where else are the people who are in the middle of nowhere going to get these things.

I hope they decide to keep this section and not let a few uptight people end something that could be really great for them.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Backdoor to Brazil Review

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day


Friday, February 13, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Danny Mountain

I am a sucker for accents but what girl isn't. The thicker the best, makes me tingle in my special place. Danny Mountain has the best British accent. Which is just the icing on the cake for the adorable smoking hot man. Born in June of 1984 in England he entered the business in 2004. He was working as a carpenter before he went to an audition with he then girlfriend and the rest is history.

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His original dream was to play professional football. But after an injury at 16 that dream went out the window. He still enjoys the game and plays with Vinnie Scene's Hollywood Allstars. Which is probably one of the reasons for his gorgeous body. But back to that accent, he starts talking and I melt.

Unfortunately ladies he is taken, his is married to fellow porn actress Eva Angelina. This past December they gave birth to their first daughter. In all the interviews I have read about him he always talks about how much he loves his wife and now his new daughter. It's so sweet makes me love him more.

Want to see more of this delicious man, I know I do. He actually hasn't done too many movies for being the in business so long. Of course I found him in Digital Playground movies first but he does do things for other studios. You can see him in the following;


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keep Track of Your Sex Life

When you were younger did you ever keep track of all the boys you kissed, I know I did. I even had a tally of how many times I french kissed my boyfriend in middle school. Well lucky for me I have discovered that I can keep a virtual diary of all my sexual conquests. (which really hasn't been that much lately) The site is called Bedpost and allows you to store all your sexual information.

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First you put in all your partners that you want to keep track of, you can even upload a picture of them if you like. You then go through the calendar and just click on the days you want to add a conquest to. It gets very elaborate too. You can put in the start and end time and any details you might want to remember. His likes or dislikes or maybe a description of his penis. You even get to give it a 1-5 star rating. You can even track how much you masturbate, which is what takes up most of my calendar. I can't help it it's just so much fun. I'd admit right now I do it like 5-6 days out of the week.

It keeps track of how many times you do it at certain times of the day. How many hours a month you spent in the throws of passion. On average how often you do it in a month. It's like your sex life has been put into a power point presentation. If only I could add graphics and sounds, then it would look amazing.

No one else can access this information unless they have your username and password. This is not a social networking site at all. Its made just for the user and that's it. This thing is great and I feel so organized now. Not that there is much to organize but it's interesting to see it all laid out in front of you.

*note- those pics are not from my personal calendar, you are never gonna see that info!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Naughty Birthday Presents for Me!

I haven't been big on my birthday since my brother died, I just felt kind of guilty. But I'm learning to get over that and he would want me to have a blast and have fun. So in the spirit of that I'm getting back into the swing of things. Today is my 25th birthday and I'm going to be happy about it. Now to fully do this you all should buy me birthday presents. Not sure what to get me, well lucky for you I have put together a list of 25 naughty things that I want. Click read more to start your shopping list.

1. If I were to only get on thing then it should be Jean Val Jean naked in my bed. I heart him! If you can't find the real him then I can settle with a cardboard cut out of him.

2. The We-Vibe, but I also need someone to try this out on so please present a hot tattooed man with the We-Vibe when you give it to me.

3. Pay for me to hang out at the Bunny Ranch. I don't want to sleep with any of the hookers but I really want to just hang out there for a day or two and make friends. Also I can give some of them makeovers because they really need some help with their looks.

4. The Jimmy Jane Form 6 in blue. I can never have too many toys. Plus I don't have a waterproof toy and this one is completely submergible.

5. After my first glass toy from Phallix I'm hooked and want more. This g spot one is so pretty I need it.

6. The Zeppelin from Liberator. Basically it is a giant bean bag that you can have sex on. But I would just put it in my living room to hang out on.

7. A few bottles of Patron. Now I know this isn't really naughty but give me tequila and I do naughty things to people.

8. The Butterfly from Vibratex. I really need a dual vibrator and this is the top of the line. But it's noisy so either my roommate won't sleep at night or I have to wait till she is gone to use it.

9. A two hour massage with a happy ending from a hot tattooed man.

10. More porn, I always need porn. But you should check with me before you get a certain title because I do have A LOT!

11. X-ray vision so I can look at guys naked all day long. But the ability to only use it when I see a hot guy. Because I may give myself a stroke with some ugly ones.

12. Tickets to next years AVN awards show and convention. I'll let you come with me.

13. I really must stress Jean Val Jean. I orgasm just looking at him.

14. As you know I like when guys take control. How about tying my up with pearl restraints. And when we are done in the bedroom I can wear them as a necklace when we go to dinner.

15. A really good whip, I have to be prepared for anything. The ones from Shiri Zinn are gorgeous and I want all of them. I need one to go with every outfit.

16. Also Shiri Zinn has the most amazing glass toys. They really look like works or art. I would even frame them and put them on display.

17. A bronze sculpture of a penis, now I'm thinking classy.

18. A pearl thong is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Plus I want to see if I can walk around in them all day and if they really work.

19. Seriously Jean Val Jean

20. Sound proofing for my room. my roommate and I share a wall, let's just say she might know what I like by now.

21. Platinum and diamonds go really well together and would go nicely in my vagina. Jimmy Jane makes the Little Something with those qualities. Only the best for my vagina.

22. Cooking with Semen cookbook just to freak people out.

23. My own personalized condoms that say Sexy Blogtime! on them. I've got to promote myself. How else will I become the next Sue Johanson.

24. My very own unicorn. Nothing naughty about this but I really really want one.

25. Jean Val Jean.


IBoob Speakers

Let's face it, who doesn't like breasts. Even all my gay male friends find them fascinating and love to play with them. This includes swatting at mine while we are at work in front of customers. Breasts are fun and breasts that play music are even more fun. IBoobs are every teenage boys fantasy.

Made of a soft plushy material that feels almost velvet like. IBoobs are perfect for you next party or nap. You are able to plug anything from your mp3 player to television into them. They only come is one size which is a double J, big enough for any one to snuggle with. It runs on AA batteries so you can bring it anywhere with you. They look so comfortable that I want one.

I hope they follow this up with testicle speakers or even plushy penis speakers. It could be like a full body pillow. My mom's birthday is coming up.....

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tenga Egg for Men

These days vibrators come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Not every women wants a penis shaped one. Well now someone has used that theory with masturbation toys for men. The Tenga Egg is basically what it sounds like. An egg shaped sleeve for men to pleasure themselves with. Wrapped up like Cadbury Eggs they come in packs of six. Not intended for more then one use it provides a ribbed inside for one to play with, it even comes with it's own lube.

I think they should make a sleeve out of a Tonka Truck. All boys like Tonka Trucks or robots. You could leave it right on your shelf and no one would know what it was. Whenever you need it you can quickly grab it. That's why my Gigi is by my bed. Someone actually thought it was for my Nintendo Wii the other day. If only, that would be an awesome game. Check out the video below to check out the Tenga Egg in action.

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Kristina Rose Dirty Girl Review

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Plaisir Nacré (Pearl Handcuffs)

I like when a guy takes control of me in bed, completely turns me on. And what better way to control me then to put me in handcuffs. However I'm not one for just basic /boring handcuffs I need something special. My new toy courtesy of Bijoux Indiscrets is a pair of Plaisir Naché or pearl handcuffs.

Bijoux Indiscrets is based out of Barcelona. Named after a novel by Denis Diderot they describe their products as a provocative combination of eroticism and sophistication for lovers. Their website is elegant and sensual. They have some of the best packaging I have seen in a long time. The box the handcuffs were in was a sleek black tin that could be reused to store things in.

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Each cuff is about 6 stands of pearls around 5.25 inches long. They are completely adjustable because you clasp it shut on the main chain. The middle chain is black metal around 8.5 inches long. I was scared they would break really easily but while playing with them I realized they were much more durable then I thought. I'm apprehensive to be too rough with them just in case. Pearls are one of the original symbols of beauty, sensuality and female sexuality.

They are absolutely beautiful to look at. I would actually wear them on one wrist out and about as a bracelet. Plus you never know when you will need a pair of handcuffs, I like to be prepared for anything. I will also enjoying seeing the looks on people's faces when I explain to them it really isn't a bracelet.

I was able to get myself in and out of them without any help, even when I had my hands behind my back. It's not the easiest thing but it's possible. So if you are trying to lock someone up and leave them then I wouldn't use these. Because I would be gone by the time you got back. Unless you are a hot tattooed man, then I would stick around to see what you have in store for me.


Craig'slist Compulsion Review

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle has a great bubble butt. And it's not only the ladies that are noticing, he has gained a huge gay following since breaking onto the scene in 2006. Born in January of 1980 and raised in Pennsylvania this adorable man is definitely some eye candy.

Johnny is no dud, he got his masters degree in psychology and then ran a furniture store. He became bored with that life and moved to LA and took up acting classes. He posted some of his photos online and began getting modeling gigs. He realized the clothes he took off the more money he got.

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He got approached to do porn and jumped right in. He became a huge hit, especially with 
the fellas. It didn't bother him at all, he said he realized who his audience was and took advantage of that. 

Johnny has performed a few solo scenes for gay films. He has also become the cover model for the Fleshjack. Unfortunately men he is straight, only likes the vagina. He will continue to just to the hardcore scenes with the ladies. Can I be the next lady please?

Want to see more, I know I do. You can rub one out to him in the following film; The Wicked, Fling, The Muse, Hot Pink, Twisted Tails, Sexy Moves, Houseboat, Body Shots, Bottom Drawer and Behind Closed Doors.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Make Love Not Porn

We are know how much I love porn. I basically watch it everyday for at least an hour. Not all for fun because I do review it, but I'm still always around it. But one thing I must say is that porn is not real life. Yes it can be for some people, but that's not how everyone has sex. A lot of people, mostly young kids, are getting their views and sex help from porn. This is their only resource on the subject and I think that's wrong.

Porn is fantasy, not always the truth. Just because this one girl loves to have a guy cum all over her face doesn't mean you have to. Yeah some people do enjoy it but if you don't that's ok. This is the point that Make Love Not Porn is trying to get across. My lovely friend Cindy Gallop (who I want to adopt me) has developed this amazing website as a great outlook in the discussion of porn world vs real world.

Anyone can leave questions and comments on all the topics. It's a place for discussion about sex and what you like. For so long all young kids hear is sex is wrong and bad. So who are they supposed to go to for help and questions. Most of the time they go to the free porn sites for "advice." Now they don't have to thank god because most of the time there is bad stuff on there. I absolutely love the concept of this website and fully support it. Unlike this girl.

No need to click read more just go check out Make Love Not Porn now!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Donkey Punch Trailer

Usually movies that are based on a ridiculous sexual acts are adult movies. However to my delight someone decided to make a horror movie based on one. Donkey Punch directed by Oliver Blackburn, is the fourth film in Magnet's "Six Shooter Film Series." It's a series of six films highlighting the vanguard of genre cinema from around the globe, Donkey Punch is from the UK.

The film is about a few women who are on vacation in Spain. While out one night they meet a few men who invite them back to their boat to continue the party. Eventually one things leads to another and an orgy ensues. However everything goes wrong when one of the men egged on by his friends performs a donkey punch on one of the girls and kills her by breaking her neck. To cover is up the men decided to throw her body in the ocean but her friends are against it. Will the girls make it out alive to tell the police?

Click read more for a trailer and to learn what a donkey punch really is

Donkey punching is something that completely turns me off. This act takes place during anal sex. The penetrating partner punches the receiving partner in the back of the head or neck allegedly causing the receiving partner's anal passage to tense up and increase the pleasure of the penetrating partner. When used it's usually executed during or just before orgasm.

Yeah you shouldn't try this out for any reason. It could be incredibly harmful and doesn't even work. Dr. Jeffrey Bahr, a faculty member at the Medical College of Wisconsin, says the following;

"To the best of my knowledge, there is no definitive reflex in the human neurophysiology that induces involuntary tightening of the anal sphincter after receiving blunt-force trauma to the occiput, or back of the head.... Trauma to any part of the skull can have serious ramifications. Pain, intracranial hemorrhage, memory loss, neck injury, and possibly some related sensory deficits in the arms and legs. A strong enough blow to the back of an unsuspecting person's head could result in a vertebral fracture which, I hope most people know, could cause paralysis or even death."

But I'm still tickled and excited to see this movie. Of the few reviews I have read it's supposed to be pretty decent. The trailer looks fantastic and predictable. I can't wait, who wants to go?


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Condom Roses

This Valentines Day don't get your special friend regular roses, those are so last year. This year you should do something different that will be much more useful then flowers. How about roses made out of condoms. Granted they won't smell as much but much more useful in the bed room.

So easy to make, it's the gift that makes you keep giving and giving. Want to learn how to make them? It's so easy!


Addicted 4 Review

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Fresh Flesh Review

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

On A Personal Note

In Memorial
Samuel Montana D'Olimpio
January 24, 1990- February 2, 2005

On a personal note, today is very hard day for me. Four years ago today my little brother Sammy took his own life. I was and still am completely devastated. No a moment goes by that I don't think about him. He was greatly loved and always will be. He was the best man in my life. It still seems like a horrible nightmare and I keep hoping I wake up.  

A foundation has been set up in his name to prevent teen suicide and help those dealing with it. If you would like to donate please click read more. 

If you would like to donate please send it to:
The Sammy Montana Youth Foundation
9 Boxwood Dr
West Barnstable MA 02668

Checks can be made out to the foundation.