Thursday, January 29, 2009


Are you bored and feel like being creative? I know there are many days where I feel like being a kid again in art class. Are you also horny and have a dirty mind like myself? Well now you can combine the two and have erotic craft time. Pornogami by Master Sugoi is completely dedicated to the art of origami with a naughty twist. There are a great bunch of fun designs to try including; handcuffs, rope, mouth, vagina, condom, breasts and many others.

It even shows you how to make a 3-D penis. Now imagine if I decided to use a much larger piece of paper then the normal origami size. I could make a giant life size 3-D penis. I'm sure my roommate wouldn't mind that addition to our apartment. It's will blend right in will all my other sex stuff. This book is going on my wish list. (It's that list on the right side of the page where you can buy me presents since I know you want to)

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Anonymous said...

oh honey you were always so good at crafts! mama xo

jennifer said...

How do people come up with stuff like this?