Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lube Sample Guy

Every once in awhile I get a customer that when they leave all I can think is what the fuck just happened. Yesterday was no different. This strange foreign man came in and started asking me about the lubes on sale. He was basically looking for the cheapest thing he could find. After that he wanted to know about the silicone lubes. So we chatted about that and I showed him of course the cheapest one. Then the conversation got fun.

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Lube Guy: I want to try this before I buy it.
Me: We have samples that you can feel behind the counter if you would like to try it.

He follows me to the counter all while breathing heavy. I hand him the lube bottle for him to try and some paper towels.

Lube Guy: Do you have small tube I can put this in?
Me: Sir it's not a take home sample, you try it right here to see if you like it.

He tears off some paper towel and holds it out to me.

Lube Guy: How about you put some on this and I take it home.
Me: Sir that is a paper towel and it will absorb the lube so there is not point. I'm sorry that won't work.

I figured he got the point when he put down the paper towel and picked up the lube sample. He then poured a large amount of the lube in his hand. Did he rub it in or feel it to see if he liked it. No he simply kept his hand cupped full of lube and walked out of the store. Yes that's right he left with the lube still in his hand.

Now I have no idea where he lives but what the hell is he going to do with a handful of lube on the way home. Is he stopping in the next public restroom to try it out. Maybe he will go to a bar and try to find someone to use it with. That's a nice pick up trick. Walk up to a lady with a handful of lube and just smile. I hope he doesn't get on the subway and spill it because that would be a disaster. I guess he just wanted to be ready for some action at a moments notice. Strange.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Damn that is funny. Thanks for sharing.

ReRe said...

that is awesome!!! i laughed out loud! thanks, i needed that :)