Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lose Your Virginity Round 2! No Thank You

Having sex for the first time is never what you think it will be for a majority of people. Congratulations if it was a wonderful experience but for most it's not. I lost mine on a couch at some guys house who wouldn't talk to me after, it was everything I dreamed. Some girls wish they could get their virginity back and do it all over again. And now you can, kind of. Gigimo is selling an artificial hymen for women so you can relive the wonders of having sex for the first time. Really who wants to relive that. The blood and the pain. Thankfully I didn't experience that but I wouldn't want to by choice.

Click read more to learn more and to see what the artificial hymen looks like (brace yourself)

Made of albumin, a protein that is water soluble, this artificial hymen is said to simulate first time sex for both partners. One would place the hymen in her vagina 15-20 minutes before intercourse. When inside the hymen will expand with your body heat and make you feel tight. When penetrated it will ooze out a substance that looks like blood. And I quote "not too much but just the right amount." Yes because everyone wants to relive that part. No amount of blood is a good amount. Here's a cheaper way, just wait till you are on your period.

I guess this would be good in cases where you need to prove you are a virgin, like in some religions. It's a much cheaper way then having plastic surgery. In some cases the hymen can break on it's own not from sex. To get that back one would want to use this.

This is what the artificial hymen looks like. I didn't know what I was expecting. I guess they would try to make it look pretty with flowers and hearts. Nope they get down to it and give you a little sac of fake blood, right to the point. 


jennifer said...

1) Why would anyone really think of and design a product like this?


2) Why would anyone really want to use a product like this?

I just don't get it

Brandon B. said...

For anyone that is curious, it works for men too!

p.s. It WAS the right amount! :D