Friday, January 30, 2009

LELO Valentine Edition

Lelo has come out with a special edition Nea for Valentines Day. Called the Nea Black Pearl Valentine, this gorgeous little treat is inscribed with a hot pink heart. It was designed by Jesper Kouthoofd who is one of the founders of Acne. He has captured the look of the sweetheart tattoo which is sure to win over who ever you give it to. It has all the great features of the original Lelo Nea. Multiple speeds, a glossy finish and super quiet just to name a few. Plus it's rechargeable, good for the planet. With only a few hour charge it will last you up to 7 hours of fun.

I don't even need this, but I want it. Wait I take that back I do need it. Why because I have nothing like it. Granted I already have two Lelo toys to play with. But they aren't tiny like this one. Plus you could use the Nea at the base of man's testicles while giving him head. It's also great to use while having sex on the clit and won't get in the way of anything because it's so small. Hey I can never have too many sex toys. 
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Kasey said...

Oooh... Sometimes I wish I had a clitoris.