Monday, January 26, 2009

How Fast is Your Penis?

Men ever wonder how you measure up in the sex department, in-particular how fast you can hump the ladies, or men whatever you like. Well now you can measure your "love strokes" with this fabulous new toy. Available from Love Honey this cock ring actually measures your BPM or boinks per minutes. At the end of the love making it gives you a digital reading of how long it was.

Made of a soft rubber it stretches up to 3 inches in diameter, one size fits all. Another plus is the ergonomically designed counter will hit the clit of your lady friend making the sex oh so much better. It's great for fitness lovers or over achievers. You can measure and track your progress. You could make a little chart to hang on the wall and give yourself gold stars every time you reach a new goal. And when you get all the stars you can reward yourself. Maybe a new pair of pants or a hooker. 

However men, sometimes its not how fast you can bang her but getting deep and hitting the right spots. For some women (me) the harder the better. You thrusting like a jack rabbit on crack isn't always the way to go. 
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jennifer said...

Now this is something I would actually buy. I'm not sure any guy I sleep with would really want to test it out though.