Thursday, January 29, 2009

Custom Condoms

Everyone has business cards today, even I do. You want your card to stand out from all the others but after awhile all the cards start to look the same. Why not back away from the business card and do something even better. How about a condom who doesn't love condoms. Custom condoms are not just for the big companies anymore anyone can get them. This would be a fantastic way to help guys remember me when they first meet me. Hand them a condom with my picture and number on it. I would put a unicorn on it but I feel that would repel them.

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Rip n Roll who brands themselves America's condom superstore will make whatever you want. You can use text or pictures or even both. At a fraction of the cost of other companies and available in much smaller quantities. You can purchase condoms in orders as little as 25 condoms. Really who need 10,000 condoms unless you are stocking up for life. And if that's the case then we need to hang out.

The FDA has approved these lubricated latex condoms. They are great for events or party favors. They would make classy table treats at a wedding. All you have to do is email whatever picture and/or text you want to to order. A digital sample will be emailed to you for your approval and then it's off to the ink press. You will be the envy of all your friends. I wonder if they could even bedazzle the condom wrappers, that would be condomtastic.