Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Creepy Old Men

Ah creepy old men. Something a young woman always has to deal with. I have gotten used to dealing with them at work but now they have found me on myspace. Last night I got a rather strange offer from a man name "Andy." The subject of the letter was "You are a Goddess!!"

Click read more to see what he sent me and his picture.

Hi, Happy Holidays Lucy!
You really are a Goddess:) I hope you don't mind that I messaged you.
I am a guy that worships femininity and loves to be at the beck and call of a beautiful woman. I love to make myself available to a lovely lady like yourself to do your house cleaning, chores, errands and anything else that you might like done for you. I love serving and ask nothing in return other than the joy of pampering and pleasing you. When I am done with my chores, I simply go away so that you can get on with your day. I am also learning mani/pedi and hope to be able to do nails soon too.Please let me know if this might appeal to you or if you would rather that I not contact you again.
thank you,

He then sent me a friend request with the message "It would be an honor Goddess, thank you- Andy." Funny thing is I think he might have sent me something like this before. I'm going to have to pass but if anyone wants to take him up on his mani/pedi let me know and I'll give him your number.

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JahFurry said...

Highlarious. Lucy you should repost that letter on here, a new site my cohort Molly Crabapple created: