Monday, December 29, 2008

The We-Vibe

For a long time the only toy out there for couples was a vibrating cock ring. Now don't get me wrong those can be fun, but you can't always convince a guy to put a cock ring on. I have used one and I wasn't that impressed with it. I prayed one day that the sex gods would produce a much better product and now they have. 

Ladies and bad boys I give you the We-Vibe. This is the first toy of its kind that can be worn during sex/love making/fucking/ get the picture. It hugs the vagina just right giving great clitoral and g spot stimulation at the same time. It can be
 used alone or with a partner. 
Made of medical grade silicone, which is one of the best materials to make toys out of, it conforms nicely to a woman shape while she uses it. It's only about 3.25 inches long and about 1 inch wide. The size makes it great for travel or to just keep in your purse. I mean it is super quiet so if you want to slip in in while on the subway no one will know.  
Because it's such a high quality toy it's made with some fantastic features. Hands free, strap free, and wireless oh my. No remotes hanging off to the side or trying to hold it into place. I don't know about you but I need my man's hand free to do some spanking and hair pulling. It's also waterproof for endless hours of fun in the shower or rain. For those who are trying to go green you will enjoy that the We-Vibe is rechargeable, no batteries. 
Yes men you can have some fun with this too. Not only can you enjoy it while having sex with your lady but it works as a solo toy for you. Insert the internal piece in your anus and the external piece will massage your perineum. Have that in while getting some head.......heaven!
This needs to be the next toy in my collection. I want this thing so bad. I know a good toy from a bad one and what will last. This is one hell of a toy. My vagina deserves the best and this is what it needs. 


Anonymous said...

good lord this looks amazing.

The Duchess said...

You do an excellent review- I'll have to look into that...

Anonymous said...

How can you review something w/o actually possessing/owning it?