Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Presidential Pleasure

Do you think our new president Obama is sexy and you would like nothing more then to have your way with him. Well now you can, and his wife will never know!

San Francisco based company Ozam Group LLC has come out with their first novelty item dedicated to our fearless leader. And you guessed it, they have created a dildo with the face of Obama on it. Called the "Head O State" it stands at 7.5" and almost 2" in diameter. If that is based on true facts, then Mrs. Obama is one lucky lady. It's made of phthalate-free TPR rubber and capable of going under water. Available in Democratic Blue or Presidential Gold he is sure to have a good time in your oval office. 
The shape of the dildo is perfect for you ladies out there to hit your 
g spot with ease. I wish you could do this with any person's face you wanted. If that were the case I would have me about 7 Jean Val Jean dildos, hell I would get me a doll. He can hang out when I not home with my roommate and keep her company. But that just means she would want a Henry Rollins doll to compete with mine. This could get interesting.
So if you want a close personal relationship with the president then order yours today!


Adri Cowan said...

for the LOVE OF OBAMA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is kind of disturbing. Oh well, that's America for you.

Anonymous said...

It does seem a little disturbing, but I can't look away!!!!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING - love - must buy.