Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lucy Vonne On: Wii Teaching Me Man-Riding Skills

Recently I purchased a Nintendo Wii, which has taken over my and my roommate's world. This past Tuesday, I took my addiction to a whole new level when I got to the Nintendo World store 2 hours before it opened to wait in line to buy Wii Fit. Well, I got one, and have only made the addiction worse.

Which brings me to why I'm writing this blog. One of the aerobic exercises you can do with the Fit console is hula hooping. Not to brag or anything but I was quite the hula hooper back in the day - it really is a great work out. So today when I was standing on my Wii board moving my hips around in circles it made me think of another activity. This is an amazing way to perfect your man-riding skills. Seriously, I was pretty much doing the exact same thing on this board that I was doing on Chris last week. And it's a really good workout, I was really wet when I was done. Not that kind of wet, you pervs - I was pretty sweaty. So needless to say I started thinking dirty thoughts as I was trying to catch hula hoops on my Wii. My carefree days of hula hooping are over. Because now every time I start moving my hips I'm going to start thinking obscenities. You know our friendship was meant to be when my roommate came up with the same conclusion.

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