Thursday, December 18, 2008

Glass is My New Best Friend

I have just entered the world of glass sex toys and I'm loving every minute of it. I have always been curious about the glass ever since I started work at The Pleasure Chest. Everyone who I spoke to about it claimed it was one of the greatest things ever. After much consideration and wanting another toy to play with, I chose to indulge in glass. Of course I went with the best and got a piece from Phallix. Each piece is hand blown by an individual artist which makes them all one of a kind. 

I know what you must be thinking, is it safe? What happens if it breaks? That would be a fun trip to the hospital. Phallix pieces are made of medical grade pyrex; a brand of borosilicate glass that is more durable then regular "soft glass." It can withstand up to 3,000 lbs of pressure. My dear friend Kasey put this to the test and once threw a Phallix toy at a brick wall and it didn't break. Next test, my kegel muscles.
Another great point is that glass holds temperature 
rather well. It warms to your body heat or if you can't wait you can drop it in some hot water. For the adventurous you can also leave it in the freezer for a bit. But that just makes me think of the pole/tongue situation from "A Christmas Story" and I don't think my vagina can handle that. If you put plenty of lubricant on I'm sure you can avoid a reenactment of that scene. 
My first piece I bought for myself was the colorful twister in blue. I say first because I plan on buying many more of them. I went in with mixed feelings and came out satisfied with delight. It warmed up to the touch quick and the lubricant made it so slick it was great and slid right in. I couldn't put it down and I didn't for almost half an hour. I was surprised at
how pleasurable the hardness of it was, great for g spot. 
Being a completely non-porous toy it was so easy to clean. Just mild soap and hot water did the trick. It also happens to be dishwasher safe. Just don't let the kids empty the dishwasher or you may have to have a long talk later......
So go get yourself a glass toy today. They are so pretty you could leave them on the coffee table as art. I had a woman come into the store to buy a bunch of them because she was decorating her kitchen in art deco. Now that's a classy lady. 


Unknown said...

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Glass toys.

(Just reviewed one, a buttplug) and am so in your corner on this!)



Kasey said...

Referenced and linked. I'm the jam. ;) lol And it's true. If any part of anyone's anatomy was able to break a Phallix toy, then they need to be submitted for scientific testing because clearly that individual has Hulk-esque pelvic/sphincter muscles.

none said...

check out glass dildo me, a glass dildo store in SF - fantasmagoric

I have no association with the store, just a happy customer