Tuesday, December 16, 2008

E-cards for Every Occasion

This day in age who really talks face to face anymore. Which is sad because there is nothing that can replace human contact. (But my Gigi is doing a wonderful job at trying) However I do fall into the category that sometimes it's easier to say something over the phone, text or email. 

E-cards are one of the greatest things. Especially if you suddenly remember it's someone's birthday or anniversary and you didn't send them a card. There are e-cards for every occasion, and I do mean every occasion. 
There are about 15 million new STD cases every year. Most of the time people have no idea where they got it from because their partner or hookup was too scared to tell them. Well now you have no excuse for not telling them, all you need is an email.
Inspot created a program where you can anonymously send an e-card to someone to warn them they may have a STD and need to get tested. There is no way the receiver can trace who sent them the card. You can leave a personal note if you would like along with the e-card. 
Along with the cards the website offers you information on where you can get tested and STD facts.  Also provided are counseling programs and support groups to help you through. 
The e-cards do have a little humor to them to break the ice. However I was hoping for some dancing cartoon characters in the form of herpes and gonorrhea. It would be sad to learn you have an STD but be suddenly be cheered up from the fantastic little dance herpes is doing, I didn't know he could break dance like that. Or maybe a word search and the left over letters spell out what disease you have. 
In all seriousness to not tell someone they need to get tested is irresponsible. Now being able to tell someone anonymously you have no excuse.  For your own sake make you get tested every six months because there are still those idiots out there who will not think twice about not telling you they have a STD.  There are many free clinics out there for you to go to. I've been to them before and it's not that bad. Plus they play the most amazing movies about safe sex with fantastically bad acting. It's like health class all over again. 

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