Friday, September 5, 2008

Lucy Vonne On: The Verizon Man Saw Me Naked and Other Life Updates

Awhile back it was mentioned that I was to be on the Tyra Banks show. Well, much to the dismay of the general public, this is no longer so. The topic of the show was to be all about sex, but the producers called last minute and said that they were changing the topic, and if I was in the mood for a makeover I could still be on the show. I turned them down because I'm pretty sweet already, so there isn't much room for improvement, haha. They did say that they would keep me on file for when the topic comes back up again, so hopefully that happens. In the end it was fine, because I was able to fly to Florida with my mom and Lily (my lil' sis) to bring Lily to the University of Tampa where she is going to college. I'm so proud of her.

I have a new gig, and it deals with porn. Starting this week I will be a reviewer of porn for the website They enjoyed my Happy Blogtime blogging so much they thought I would be a good fit - and the greatest part is that I get free porn!!!!!! Now my time will be consumed with porn viewing, not very different from what it already is. I'm awaiting my first shipment of movies and will update you all on my reviews and where to find them.

And lastly, I think the Verizon man saw me naked. Let me explain. I drop my phone a lot and after dropping it last night, the audio stopped working. So I brought it to the Verizon store this morning hoping they could fix it. They couldn't, so I had to get a new phone. They transfered all my numbers, and I asked if they could transfer my photos and videos. And the minute I said that I though 'Oh Shit.' You see, I have a nice collection of x-rated photos and videos on my phone that I have sent to Chris in the past and have yet to delete. And with my luck while they transfer everything it would probably pop up on the screen. Thankfully the guy didn't pay attention to the phone as the data was transferring, and I thought I was in the clear. He gave me back my phone and with a smile on his face said he even put my old background picture up for me. Well, in order to get that background picture he would have had to go into my pictures and choose it. Which would mean scrolling through the pictures of me not covering up my parts. Meaning the Verizon guy saw me naked. Now I know what he was smiling about.

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