Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lucy Vonne On: Talking About My Personal Life

I would like to make a moment and comment on how I go about talking about my personal life AKA sex and relationships.(In response to my roommate saying why she hadn't). If I were to use someone's name, I would always ask that person if they didn't mind. I would never embarrass someone or say mean things about anyone and use their real name in the process. Unless you screw me over, it's all down hill for you from there.

Lucky for me I'm currently allowed to talk about what goes on with Chris and I, because he doesn't mind. And on that note, he gave me multiple orgasms yesterday.

However, I will never get into all the details about the sex that we have or intimate things we might talk about. Even though I openly talk about sex, there are some things that I want to keep private between the two of us.....(most of the time my roommate knows too). So yes, I do have some morals that I will continue to live by day to day. Most likely you will get a few juicy details from time to time, but only when I feel its appropriate in response to what I am writing about; which could be soon because I have a few toys I want to try out on him and review.

I will tell you it's too bad my roommate doesn't talk about her sex life because do I know some stories about her, hehe.

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