Friday, August 1, 2008

My Dirty Mind

People are always asking me about why I’m so interested in the sex industry. What makes a young girl want to get into that type of work? Well, what makes someone want to teach or play sports? It's because they love what they do.

Well, mom and dad, what can I say - I love sex. I’m fascinated with everything that has to do with it; I have no problem whatsoever talking about anything to do with it. You want to know how much I masturbate, pull up a chair and we’ll chat. You want to talk about the fantastic sex I had this month; I’ll give detail (I’m talking multiple orgasms good). I’m not afraid to say I love sex. I talk about sex all day long, even if I’m not at work. I have a dirty mind, I can’t help it. I say penis and vagina more in one hour than you probably say all week.

My mom tells people she should have seen this coming. Joan (my mom) likes to relay the naked Barbie story to everyone. When I was younger she over heard me playing with my Barbies one day, and what she heard was Barbie telling Ken she needed to put clothes on, to which Ken replied “you look alright to me Barbie.” Joan says it now all makes sense.

My Barbies were constantly naked clanking against one another as I made them have Barbie sex. I once found a Hustler Magazine when I was babysitting at the age of 10 and was so fascinated by it. And when the kids went to bed I would read them. This was also the house I discovered the Spice Channel at. Good stuff.

Because of what I do for a living, sex is part of my every day. And that is not to say I’m desensitized by it at all, but I’m comfortable with what I want, how I want it and how often I want it.

I watch a lot of porn; it sits next to my Disney movies on my shelf. Sometimes I put it on just because. Not because I want to get really turned on and masturbate but because I just feel like watching porn. Aren’t there days where you just want to watch a horror movie? It’s like that.

Sexuality is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. Everybody does it, so why not talk about it? So many people come into the store and whisper or turn bright red when they are talking to me. Society has made them feel that sex is not to be talked about - keep everything behind closed doors. For some people that works for them, and I have nothing against them. But that’s not how I function.

Now, not everything about me has to do with sex. I’m addicted to my new Nintendo Wii, I read Harry Potter, I bake cookies, I like to buy shoes, etc. Guys tend to think that because of how I am that I will gladly jump into bed with them, but that’s not the case at all. I don’t go around sleeping with whatever I can find; I’m a one-guy type of girl. I like having that special someone.

I will always talk a lot about sex. And if you can’t handle it, then don’t talk to me. I am not going to censor who I am.

My family still loves me dirty mind and all, so you should to. And if you don’t, well, I really don’t give a shit.

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