Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stamina-RX Energy Drink

Those of you who know me, know that I am very big on energy drinks. So when I spotted the giant case of Sex-on-the Beach energy drinks downstairs at work, I got very excited. Finally today I had one. They are made by the company Stamina-Rx who also make a similar product in pill form.

I was very skeptical whether or not it would work. I mean, I'm not a man with a penis that it can easily erect, so I wondered how this was going to get me going sexually. Would it make my vagina all tingly? Would it make me want to attack every man I saw? And even if it does, would it be that much of a difference, because, lets face it, I am always in the mood. I debated drinking it at work, but I figured why not - I didn't think it would work. The flavor was Sex on the Beach, nice. It tasted like carbonated Hawaiian Punch, it was rather delicious. Reminded me of my childhood, in a strange way. Plus it has so sugar and no calories, good for dieters.

I drank it in a matter of ten minutes. At first I felt perfectly fine, and then I started feeling warm. I got that really flushed feeling and could feel my cheeks getting red. I started feeling really giddy and wanted to run around in circles. I did start jumping up and down and dancing to the music playing at the shop. My pupils got really dilated and everything looked brighter and a little bit fuzzy at times. Michelle, who I was working with, was basically laughing the whole time because I had a huge grin on my face and was talking rather quickly. I even contemplated taking the cone downstairs with me on my break.

Overall, I enjoyed my time on the sex drink. The sexy feeling lasted about 3 hours, but 6 hours later and I'm still going strong with energy. My roommate thinks I'm on crack right now, but I'm not - I swear, just sex juice. This drink should not be consumed while alone, unless you are ready to pleasure yourself. I brought a few home for next time I have my man-friend over. I actually told him if he was here I would be taking advantage of him sexually. I don't think he seemed to think that would be an issue. Unfortunately, I don't think we will be selling the drink at work, unless I can convince my manager it is a worthwhile investment. I bet I could sell people on it. Heck, if I can talk a little old lady into anal beads then I'm sure I can sell a few fantastically wonderful sex-charged energy drinks.

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