Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Butterfly

I have yet to purchase a dual vibrator. If you're not familiar, a dual vibrator has an internal vaginal piece and a external clitoral stimulator. Ever heard of the Rabbit? Of course you have - everyone has, thanks to good ol' Sex and the City. However, that's not the one I always recommend. Sometimes, a woman needs more then the Rabbit has to offer. When that happens, I go straight for the Butterfly, made by the company Vibratex, who also created the Rabbit. When I demonstrate the Butterfly in the store to customers, they usually either get scared or the braver/smarter ones walk out the door with it. The Butterfly is made of 100% elastomer and is phthalate free. Elastomer is one of the safest materials sex toys are made of these days, and it's also hypoallergenic.

Now to how the Butterfly does its thang. The head is a round sphere with small ridges that can hit a woman's G-spot. Down the shaft are three rows of pearls that stimulate the vaginal wall and cervix. The pearls are on a track, which keeps them continually moving. Sometimes the free-flowing ones don't move as well when your muscles tense up. The best part about the shaft is that it lights up with a few different colors. I pretend its a glow stick at work when the good techno songs come on. But for those of you at home its like a fun night light.

The clitoral stimulator is the best part. Its a rather large-sized butterfly (hence the name) and looks like its on crack. That thing waves its little wings and vibrates with a whole lot of power, and it actually contains its own bullet. I have gotten lots of satisfied reviews from many women who have bought this, and this is what I plan on buying next. I've seen and tested pretty much all of the dual ones out there, and by far the Butterfly is the one I want. Hey, my vagina deserves the best and I intend to have it.

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