Sunday, July 27, 2008

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean.

Vaginal douching is something that has been around for years. This is when a woman rinses her vagina with water or other solutions to flush out discharge or other contents. Many women are under the assumption that this is perfectly normal and a great way to keep the vagina healthy and free of disease. However, they are incredibly wrong. Pretty much all doctors will tell you that vaginal douching does much more harm then any good. When you douche, you change the chemical balance of the vagina, which makes your more susceptible to infection and disease. Most of the time it will introduce new bacteria into the vagina that can spread up into the ovaries and fallopian tubes. That can be very dangerous.

There are a couple common reasons why a woman feels she must douche. 1) After sex to prevent pregnancy or disease. However, it will not reduced pregnancy risk and makes your more susceptible to STDs. 2) To reduce odor, however every vagina has a mild odor, which is healthy. If it seems worse one should visit the doctor, because douching will just make it worse. Regular douchers face a 73% greater risk of developing bacterial vaginois or pelvis inflammatory disease, which is a chronic condition and can lead to infertility or even death.

The safest way to clean your vagina is to let it clean it self. It naturally produces mucous for that reason. Besides, do you really want your vagina smelling of tropical rain or summer blossom? I personally don't want people thinking I have flowers hidden away up there.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stamina-RX Energy Drink

Those of you who know me, know that I am very big on energy drinks. So when I spotted the giant case of Sex-on-the Beach energy drinks downstairs at work, I got very excited. Finally today I had one. They are made by the company Stamina-Rx who also make a similar product in pill form.

I was very skeptical whether or not it would work. I mean, I'm not a man with a penis that it can easily erect, so I wondered how this was going to get me going sexually. Would it make my vagina all tingly? Would it make me want to attack every man I saw? And even if it does, would it be that much of a difference, because, lets face it, I am always in the mood. I debated drinking it at work, but I figured why not - I didn't think it would work. The flavor was Sex on the Beach, nice. It tasted like carbonated Hawaiian Punch, it was rather delicious. Reminded me of my childhood, in a strange way. Plus it has so sugar and no calories, good for dieters.

I drank it in a matter of ten minutes. At first I felt perfectly fine, and then I started feeling warm. I got that really flushed feeling and could feel my cheeks getting red. I started feeling really giddy and wanted to run around in circles. I did start jumping up and down and dancing to the music playing at the shop. My pupils got really dilated and everything looked brighter and a little bit fuzzy at times. Michelle, who I was working with, was basically laughing the whole time because I had a huge grin on my face and was talking rather quickly. I even contemplated taking the cone downstairs with me on my break.

Overall, I enjoyed my time on the sex drink. The sexy feeling lasted about 3 hours, but 6 hours later and I'm still going strong with energy. My roommate thinks I'm on crack right now, but I'm not - I swear, just sex juice. This drink should not be consumed while alone, unless you are ready to pleasure yourself. I brought a few home for next time I have my man-friend over. I actually told him if he was here I would be taking advantage of him sexually. I don't think he seemed to think that would be an issue. Unfortunately, I don't think we will be selling the drink at work, unless I can convince my manager it is a worthwhile investment. I bet I could sell people on it. Heck, if I can talk a little old lady into anal beads then I'm sure I can sell a few fantastically wonderful sex-charged energy drinks.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My Favorite Customer

After working for awhile in retail, you learn to read certain customers. Will they be a pain in the ass and ask you stupid questions, or will they take you seriously? I can also tell my favorite customers when they walk in. It's the much older rich man and his cute and bubbly young girlfriend who is ready to spend his money - I can spot them from a mile away. She grabs a basket and starts throwing stuff in and he follows like a puppy dog around the store.

Typically, they will ask what's new and fun in the store. Knowing my audience I go straight for the good stuff in the glass case and see what I can sell them. Now, I'm not a douche, so I don't just try to pawn crap off on them. I sell them the good quality products that just happen to be the more expensive ones in the store. So the girl will usually squeal with delight and the guy says ok. They continue to walk around the store handing me box after box, sometimes not even looking at what they are buying. They don't even bother looking at prices, if they like it they get it.

Usually everything that these couples pick out is for the woman, or the both of them to use together. Sometimes, you can get the guy to buy a prostrate toy, but only once in awhile. Things that they will typically buy are loads of lube and condoms, some type of whip or paddle, vibrating cock rings, handcuffs, under the bed restraints, some type of clitoral vibrator or an internal vibrator. They tend to get a little of everything. Lots of times they are making out and touching each other the whole time, sometimes it's not so pretty.

When they are done it takes about ten minutes to ring them up. Battery testing all the toys, explaining how to clean and take care of them. My favorite part is the total, hehe. Typically they will spend anywhere from $400 to $1,000. And since I do get commission this makes me very happy. I can't wait for the day when I can walk into a sex store and buy whatever the hell I want without worrying about price. But at the rate that I'm going, I'll already own a whole bunch of toys that I won't need much.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Butterfly

I have yet to purchase a dual vibrator. If you're not familiar, a dual vibrator has an internal vaginal piece and a external clitoral stimulator. Ever heard of the Rabbit? Of course you have - everyone has, thanks to good ol' Sex and the City. However, that's not the one I always recommend. Sometimes, a woman needs more then the Rabbit has to offer. When that happens, I go straight for the Butterfly, made by the company Vibratex, who also created the Rabbit. When I demonstrate the Butterfly in the store to customers, they usually either get scared or the braver/smarter ones walk out the door with it. The Butterfly is made of 100% elastomer and is phthalate free. Elastomer is one of the safest materials sex toys are made of these days, and it's also hypoallergenic.

Now to how the Butterfly does its thang. The head is a round sphere with small ridges that can hit a woman's G-spot. Down the shaft are three rows of pearls that stimulate the vaginal wall and cervix. The pearls are on a track, which keeps them continually moving. Sometimes the free-flowing ones don't move as well when your muscles tense up. The best part about the shaft is that it lights up with a few different colors. I pretend its a glow stick at work when the good techno songs come on. But for those of you at home its like a fun night light.

The clitoral stimulator is the best part. Its a rather large-sized butterfly (hence the name) and looks like its on crack. That thing waves its little wings and vibrates with a whole lot of power, and it actually contains its own bullet. I have gotten lots of satisfied reviews from many women who have bought this, and this is what I plan on buying next. I've seen and tested pretty much all of the dual ones out there, and by far the Butterfly is the one I want. Hey, my vagina deserves the best and I intend to have it.