Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sexy Time with Lucy Vonne: The Cone

The Cone is the toy that always stops people in their tracks. They stop and stare, do the little head tilt and try really hard to figure it out. They look at their friends to see if they have any idea and they usually make the remark of, "I hope that doesn't get inserted!"

You see, to them it's a giant light pink cone sitting there amongst a bunch of sex toys. But to those who know its true purpose knows it does a great deal more than just sit there. I mean, yes, it sits there, but you can put in on the wall if you want. The cone is like the washing machine back in the day, to where lonely housewives found ways to make laundry much more fun. (Yes this is why you may catch your mom sitting on the washer.) It is a mounting device, you wrap your legs around it. This toy is not only for the ladies, thats right gentleman you can join in on the fun.

It has 16 different vibration programs for you to climax to. If you are impatient, hit the second button and it takes you right to the orgasm program. And it's totally hands-free. Don't worry if you have no idea what to do with it at first, because The Cone comes with a sheet illustrating allll different positions that you can try. My favorite is the one of the man sitting on it reading the paper - he does seem to be enjoying it! Heck, I would break mine out for long car rides, bring it on the plane, just to make the time go by faster. However, for such a fantastic toy, I have yet to sell one at work. But when I do, they are getting a high five! And an invite on my next road trip.

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