Saturday, June 28, 2008


The great thing about working at a sex store is all the wonderful information I have gained - not only about toys, but also lubes and stimulants. Things I would have never know about if I had not worked there.

From the time I can remember, there have been so many products for men to improve sexual performance. We see ads everywhere from television to magazines, even presidential candidates have talked about it. But when it comes to the women, until I started work at the Chest, I had never really heard of anything for us. The product I have come to enjoy and find useful is Orgazyme. This is a wonderful clitorial cream one may to use to enhance their sexual experience. Orgazyme is made of completely natural products that won't harm even a sensitive girl. It causes more and quicker blood flow to the clitoris, which in turn makes you much more sensitive down there. This happens by helping the body produce more nitric oxide, which is the main cause of a clitoral erection. The nitric oxide helps relax the muscles in the sex organs allowing the blood to flow more frequently, and it actually makes you more sensitive all around the vaginal area.

Orgasms can happen more frequently and they are much more intense. Sometimes it takes a while for it to get sensitive, this just speeds it up a little and makes it wonderful down there. It was like tiny fireworks for a tiny party happening in my vagina. And hey, who doesn't love a party.

And on another note, my quest for Jean Val Jean still continues. If you or anyone know of his whereabouts please let me know - email me at You can also use this email if you would like to ask me any sex questions to be answered during the next Sexy Time.

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