Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lucy Vonne On: Strange People Touching Me

I always have a lot to say. So I figured with my roommate being on her death bed, high on life (or whatever it is the doctor gave her) I thought I would give you a little outlook on my thoughts. Granted, I don't have my roommate's wit or big bosom but I will do my best to fill her bra.

Anyways, lately I have been feeling like a pregnant woman - let me explain. I have a whole lotta tattoos that appear all over me. The biggest and most noticeable is my sleeve that is almost finished, by the talented Ben Pease at Pino Bros Ink in the Boston area...I do get a lot of comments and questions about it, which I don't mind at all. However, when people feel they have the right or need to grab and touch and feel my arm then I have a problem.

Just the other day I was at work and went over to a man and asked if he needed any help in the cock ring section. All he said was "wow!" and then proceeded to rub the top part of my arm for a good 30 seconds. Bewildered, I looked at him, then to my arm, then back to him (in a 'WTF are you doing' kind of way) while he continued to feel up my anchor tattoo. I'm just glad I don't have a chest piece he was fond of.

And today, while going to the subway, some guy decided to stop me and turn my arm back and forth while he looked and described it to me. Thanks, sir, but I am aware of what is permanently inked on my arm. No need for you to tell me what each thing is. And so it is, at least a few times a week I am grabbed and my arm gets felt up. One of these days I may smack them, unless you are a cute boy I can make an exception. This is why I feel like a pregnant woman who gets strangers placing their hands on her belly all day. So for the record, if you like my tattoos just tell me, STOP TOUCHING ME!

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